Gull for Sale


Had a good look at it today. The hull and spar are all in good condition. There is a launching trolley but not a road trailer. There is rudder and oars, again these look OK. The sails are a bit strange. I remember now that the previous elderly owner put sails on that belonged to a Mirror dinghy - this made the boat easier to handle in stronger winds. These are not the sails that should go with this boat and we do not know where the originals are. The is a small jib sail ( at the front of the boat) this has a seam that is given way (easy repair). Both sails seem to be OK if not a bit dirty.

I have 3 people as of today who have shown interest in this boat. It comes with no guarantees. I can offer a assistance to move the boat as I have a spare road trolly - but it can only be within Northants/Leices local area.

The Club is currently closed until March but I can come from my home inMarket Harborough to to meet anyone during the day or weekends (evening would be hard to do as its too dark to do or seen anything).

I prefer contact by email or by phone 01858 462607 if you want to take this further. If the boat is sold I will not be contacting the other interested parties I will just take down this page.

Stewart Elder
Hollowell Sailing Club