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Runners & Riders for Hollowell Club Championship 2019
 by GOM


Always a big turn-out for this one. 2018 race had 26 boats taking part. One of the 'key' races of the year and is open to all Club Members. Two days of competitive sailing, lots of shouting and protesting – not about the rules I might add, but things like ‘Where’s the water gone?’ ‘That bloody southerly/westerly/easterly wind shadow again’.

Two Club Championship (5 handicap races - 4 races to count). Saturday 5th Oct. Races at 14:00 & 15:30 Sunday 6th OctRaces at 11:00, 13.15 & 15:00

GOM (Grumpy Old Man) In my unique place in the Sunday fleets I am able to observe and assess this year’s no-hopers and the trophy hunters. So, in no particular order: -


Tony Everard/ Ruth Cross

Coming along in big bounds in a big boat. Tony in particular is of the timid sort and keeps opinion to himself. Ruth similar - a Mrs Mouse – squeaks occasionally but watch out for the big roar as they are the outsiders that are going to sneak up on you. They are getting better with age. Boat is a bit weird (sails about the same size as the ones on the Cutty Sark) only two Kestrels in the whole world and strangely both are at HSC.


Pete Jackson

Someone mentioned that he is a changed man this year. Given up the booze, ‘wimmin’ and rock n’ roll, has seen the light and now has a Monk-like existence. The occasional damn and blast can be heard bellowing across the water, especially at the starts, indicating the occasional slip of the halo. But ignore this man at your peril, a potential winner – one way to stop him is if there is a collision on the water he may turn back and hand you a business card. Boat also a bit weird – it has a very slippery deck and in light winds poor ol’ Pete slips from side to side.
Stats: Club Champion twice, last won in 2006.


Keith Lancaster

A year older but is he a year wiser, I ask. Favourite position is prone on his back staring at the sky. Not a murmur to be heard, not a movement wasted. Eyes glued to the slightest indication of a change of wind. Silly old bugger then falls asleep! Last won 2014


Stewart Elder / Gill Creaser

Multi-talented pair. Tacking and gybing abilities often described as ‘poetry in motion’. Big issue in that they are often involved in administrative cock-ups, ADO’s often miss-record number of laps and therefore never first, always second over the line at the finish. Their boat is appearing on Antiques Road Show next year. Serial late-night revellers and last to leave the bar. Christenings, funeral’s and weddings arranged for a small fee.


Mark Hope/ Hanna, Paula, Lynn, Sue,

Sorry won’t the in the running RS400’s just don't go well with this much crew onboard. Unlikely to be a suitable course for them. The only time we have an asymmetric course is when Mark himself is D.O. All together now. . . . . "Aw, shame".


Norman Carter

Now we are really getting to the submarine section. I hear he is fitting a periscope to the bottom of the hull. If he stays upright is competitive but is only aim in life is to beat Ms Linnell.


Larissa Barker/Charles Brett

Life in the old dogs yet. It’s only taken them a whole year to set-up the boat and this time next year they could be winners!


Mike/Helen Playle

Their names are all over this trophy. If they can get around the course without calling in for a pee stop, this pair will be in the top five. Statistics: winners 2016 and 2017

Mary Mallard

Well Superwomen is back! Will win if the wind is severe gale or above. Will also at the same time, bake a cake, mended a broken spine, cut the grass under lazy laser sailors’ boats, play hid and seek with Neil (her shadow). I hear she also grows a very special weed on the allotments – you know what I’m saying like, cool man. Well this woman HAS got to be on something!


Martin Hudson

The Laser equivalent of Stuart Bush/ Solo. Strange you never see them together. Martin at one time was unbeatable and take heed, if he can remember where his boat is parked, he will be up amongst the leaders. It’s the quiet ones you need to watch out for – are you listening Mark! Statistics- Club Champ 13 times


Mike Harding

Lets be fair – has nearly as much energy as Mary Mallard. Huffs and puffs, slips and slides, hikes out and in. Jibs and tacks, and this all before he gets to the start line. Watch out, might try to sell you a Laser or is it Laser Club or Laser Performance whatever! His boat better be class legal. In my opinion Lasers should be made of wood, much eco-friendlier.


Stuart Bush

A Solo suits this man however, probably might better in a submarine (yes, we remember your start the other Sunday)– run silent, run deep. A tactical, mathematical mind, judging wind and water, the weather, global warming, motorbikes, aeroplanes – goodness knows what is going on in that head. The quiet assassin with that gentle smile that’s not to be underestimated. Statistics – last year’s winner.

David Mason/ David Harris/Brian Aitkins We would all be genuinely shocked if they actually get to the start on time.

Nigel Mckenna – Sails a RS200, it’s called this because he has 200 things to do in order to sail it fast. 200 milliseconds is how long it takes Nigel to indicate to Pete that he has been beaten him by 200 milliseconds again.

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