Mainsheet Magazine

Our Club Winners  1966 - 2020

awards collage

Year Club Ambassador Up The Creek! Club Championship
1991 ~ ~ T Foxall
1992  ~ ~ Martin Hudson
1993 G. Wilson- Clarke R Divall Martin Hudson
1994  Scott Allen Claire Warden Martin Hudson
1995  Mike Playle Pete Jordan Mike Playle
1996  Scott Allen Phil Scott Martin Hudson
1997  Simon Cray Brian Atkins Martin Hudson
1998 Ladies Team Will Buckland Gary Ireson
1999 Simon Cray Anthony Rees Kevin Ireson
2000 Ian Hall Robert Bryce Martin Hudson
2001 Steven Hall Martin Hudson Paul Williams
2002 James Bullied Roy Richardson Martin Hudson
2003 T. Hartley Monty Vann Martin Hudson
2004 J. Cooper Simon Cray Pete Jackson
2005 James Watkinson Simon Cray Martin Hudson
2006 Chris Welch M & P Mallard Pete Jackson
2007 Hugh Brayshaw Mike Playle Martin Hudson
2008 Russell Brayshaw Russell Brayshaw Roy Richardson
2009 Aaron Holman Stewart Elder Aaron Holman
2010 Aaron Holman Russell Brayshaw Martin Hudson
2011 Aaron Holman Russell Brayshaw Aaron Holman
2012 Mike Pipes Lawrence Creaser Lawrence Creaser
2013 Izzy King Maurice Barnes Martin Hudson
2014 King Family Rob Dunkley Keith Lancaster
2015 Graham Smith Simon Bickers Martin Hudson
2016 McDonnell Family Clive Jones M & H Playle
2017 Andrew Sturt Henry Avery M & H Playle
2018 Singleton Family P Shepherd / P Jackson Stuart Bush
2019 Mary Mallard Graham Smith Keith Lancaster

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