This may assist you in the renewal process as the form asks where you boat is parked. Sorry, there was not room for the 'bay' numbers. If you have an issue or query regarding boat parking please contact dutyman in the first instance and your emails will be passed to the Harbour Master - David Blackbourn.
If you have a 'new' boat please park it in area 'D' and contact us for a more permanent position.

Note, even if you have a wooden leg, a bad back and one lung - you are NOT going to get a water-front berth! Neiher is it a gift for others vacating a 'plot' to give it to you!

At Hollowell Sailing Club we have craft and trailer parking for our sailing members comprising approximately 300 spaces. Craft permitted to park at the club are sailing dinghies and sailboards.Trailers are those, which relate to the transport of craft. We do not offer craft or trailer storage for non-sailing members. Trailers can be stored separately (in area M) but because many are just 'dumped' on us we require a small separate fee and you MUST display a label.


Please note that your boat (even if not used on the water) should still have insurance. We have had instances where boats have blown over and damaged others - the owners then have faced rather large claims for damages.