Boat & Equipment Hire

How to Hire

1. Look for the Boat Hire Form in the Bosuns’ Log (kept on the shelf by the boiler).
2. Pay the fee - write your receipt number by your Boat Hire Form & put the money in the tea-bar cash tin, along with the top copy of your receipt.

Setting up

Instructions are available on laminated printed sheets - outside the clubhouse near the tap opposite the brick boat shed.

Aids & Spray Tops

A large selection of buoyancy aids, spray jackets or spray tops are available for a £2 hire fee. We would actively encourage that members purchase their own equipment of this sort.


  • Hollowell Sailing Club places great importance on providing a high quality assortment of boats for our members use and has invested significantly in this area.
  • You will have to rig and unrig the boat yourself, but if you need help or simply want someone to check the boat over before you launch, please seek advise.
  • Hire boats are parked together around the Log cabin and each boat number is prefixed with an ‘H’ to indicate it is a hire boat.
  • Hire boats are parked together around the Log cabin and each boat number is prefixed with an ‘H’ to indicate it is a hire boat. All club boats, their trailers, covers and main parts are numbered. It is important the same numbered parts are kept together and the boat returned to its correct parking spot after use.

A session is a morning, afternoon, or evening.

There are a few restrictions to note when hiring club boats:-

  • The hirer must have a minimum of an RYA 2 certificate to hire the Bahia & the new Laser.
  • All hire boats may only be sailed when there is rescue cover available

We have the following craft available for use by members for the payment of a hire fee.


A modern boat with an asymmetric spinnaker. A roomy stable boat, ideal for training, especially for those moving into boats rigged with a centre mainsheet. Suits adults. £18 per session.

RS Feva

The RS Feva is a superb double handed boat for junior sailors. For the more adventurous, it can also be equipped with a gennaker. The club has one Feva at £10 per session.

Optimist - (H13,14,15,16)

Recognised as one of the best boats for introducing children to sailing, with their easily handled simple spritsail rig, they are safe and straightforward for beginners to use, yet technically challenging for the experienced sailor. (Suits children up to 50kg). The club has 4 Optimists - £10 per session.

Topper - (H17,18,19)

The Topper does everything, easily rigged it is rugged and safe for beginners yet an exciting race boat too as your skills develop. These boats have either full or reduced rig.(Suits larger children and small adults) The club has 3 Toppers for hire and 6 for the Youth Squad - £10 per session

RS Tera

Suitable for beginners and also a good boat to race.The boat is highly robust, and it is built with a self draining cockpit and is easy to right after a capsize. (Suits children up to 60kg) The club has 2 RS Teras for hire and 6 available for the Youth Squad - £10 per session.

Laser - (H9, H27)

Our club Lasers have standard, radial, and 4.7 rigs giving a choice of sail sizes for the more experienced sailors or those wanting an introduction to club racing. 2 available of which H27 is reserved for sailors with a level 2 dinghy qualification. (Suits adults and larger children in the range 45–90 kg depending on sail size). Laser H9 (old) - £12 per session. Laser H27 (new) £15 per session. Club Laser sail rigs are available only for club boats.

Laser Pico - (H6,7)

The Laser Pico features a high boom and self draining cockpit. It can be crewed by one or two children. The hull has built in buoyancy and its thermo plastic construction make it strong and stiff. The club has 2 Laser Pico's and 4 for use by the Youth Squad - £10 per session .


There is a large selection of sailboards kept in the racks near the Naseby Lodge with their rigs in the log cabin. Please ask the sailboard fleet captain or one of the windsurfers for advice. (Suits both juniors and adults who don’t mind getting wet) £7 per session

Buoyancy Aids etc

A wide selection of soiling kit is available . Please make sure you return it in good condition. £2 per session.

Hartley 12/2 (H8,H28)

A new type of boat to the Club. Very simple to rig, and can be used by two smaller adults, or larger children. In the right conditions can be sailed as a single hander. Larger than a Feva, and smaller than the Wayfarer or Laser 2000 ideal for those that want to try something a bit different. Complete with asymmetric spinnaker ideal entry to the world of asymmetric sailing and open transom boats. Rigging Notes: Very simple to rig…bit like an oversize Pico! Download a rigging guide. Skill Level: You need Level 2 or Stage 4 (or equivalent experience)before sailing the H12/2 (or be on a training course). Boat Hire Fee: £15 per session

Wayfarer - (H1,2,3,4,)

Big and safe, the double-handed dinghy most adults learn to sail in at Hollowell, equally suited to training, cruising or racing. (Suits adults and adults with children up to a crew of five). Cost £18 per session.

Hartley Wayfarer

Wayfarer. Rigged centre main. Ideal for two people to sail, or taking families out on trips around the lake. Rigging Notes: This Wayfarer has a furling jib, and the triangular standoff should be fitted between the jib and the forestay to stop the two becoming tangled. It is reefed like current Wayfarer 4, with the reefing line running through the boom to the back of the mainsail. There is no hook at the front of the main…but use the downhaul through the appropriate eyelets. Spinnaker: Currently rigged as a Asymmetric. Skill Level: You need to have a Level 2 qualification or Stage 4 (or equivalent experience)or be on a training course before you use the boat. Boat Hire Fee: £20 per session