Duty Information for New Members

Getting Involved

On a typical race day, Sunday's for example, there are usually 5 duty jobs to fill:

  1. Duty Officer - person in-charge.
  2. Assist Duty Officer - Helpful person on Committee Boat
  3. Boat Officer - Qualified helm on Safety Boat.
  4. Assist Boat Officer - Helpful person on Safety Boat
  5. Galley - Sunday 'easy' meals. Thursday evenings. The occassional 'special events' eg Open meetings.

This link below is to the editable version of DutyMan. You will need your DutyMan password to login and input your duties. Your welcome email will have access details. After initial login your computer may remember you and allow direct access.


New Members Information

Ruth, our Membership Secretary, will let me know you have joined. I will 'authorise' the DutyMan rota system to send you a welcome email with your login link and password. This will then allow you to input your duties directly on to the rota.

If you are new to sailing I would expect you to go for Assist Boat Officer, Assist Duty Officer or Galley (meals). You will find a bit more information on this at the bottom of the page.

NEW MEMBER INDUCTION - It is important that your first action is to arrange to meet one of our 'Induction Team' members. This 45 minute personal tour will enable us to formally introduce you to the club premises, its grounds and facilities. We can also highlight some safety aspects and water hazards. Please do not go on to the water until you have done this 'course'.

In the welcome email you will be invited to pick a suitable date within these constraints:
Any Tuesday evening (6.30) when we have programmed sailing.
Any Saturday at midday, again when we have programme sailing. (This is our preferred option).
Any Sunday, when we are sailing, either 10am or at the end of the sailing day at about 4pm.
Most Thursdays at 2pm or when Thursday evening sailing is on, at 5 pm or 7.30.

I am often down at the club and sail nearly every Sunday, please do try and meet up with me.

If you have any query at all, send an email to me the Duty Coordinator


Stewart Elder


Hollowell Sailing Club, like an increasing number of clubs in the UK use an online DutyMan system to simplify the management of duties. The system provides HSC members with their own individual password and login ID enabling them to: - confirm that they will attend for a duty - volunteer for additional vacant duties - offer to swap with a member - request a duty swap etc.
New members are emailed their login name and a password when I first load their details onto the DutyMan server. Thereafter, you can change the password via the Password menu of the main roster page. All this will work PROVIDED the database has the email address with which you initially registered.
DutyMan receives several requests a season from people who have forgotten their login details. The fact that there is a link immediately adjacent to the login fields clearly labelled Don't know name or password?
The Don't know name or password? link leads to a page where people enter their email address. DutyMan looks up the address and resends the Welcome Message to it. Clearly this mechanism does not work if DutyMan can't recognise your original email address, possibly because you have changed your address and omitted to tell me or the DutyMan system!
Every email to you from DutyMan includes a personalised quick login link. All you need do is click this link and they will be in DutyMan without the need to login at all.
Single members & young adult (a person between 18 and 24) do 2 full days.
Family membership do 4 full days (per family).
Social Members - no duties required but if they would like to volunteer then please do!
Accompanying non-sailing adult if the adult does not sail then they may join as an Accompanying Adult Member. They are obliged to do one duty day, may take part in related training courses and are entitled to normal social membership benefits. All Social Membership rights and responsibilities apply.
Sunday’s count as one full day. Saturday’s, Tuesday’s and Thursday’s are mostly half-days - but not ALL, some Open Meetings are held on Saturdays so if the start time is 09.00 then it is a full day. Note that - training days, work parties, junior training, junior week, etc, I am afraid, do not count. Some of these events however, do require rescue cover and if you are available it would be a great way to increase your experience on the rescue boat. If you offer to do a duty on a race day (say, someone fails to turn up), the system will allow you to enter that day as a duty.
Firstly, look for a swap where there is a 'position vacant'. If that date suits you better, then simply follow the swap instructions ie cancel your duty and rebook. If no suitable dates, next look for a date where others have ticked 'Swap or volunteer wanted'. This will automatically send an email to that person and they will respond if they can accept the swap. The same applies if you cannot find a suitable vacant date - mark the line as swap wanted and hopefully someone will contact you.

Job Descriptions. (What can I do?)


Duty Officer

In-charge of club on the day and runs the race meeting. Duty Officers have overall responsibility for safety and the organisation of the sailing at Hollowell. Prospective DO's are established members and trained or experienced 'Race Officers'.

  1. Can open and secure the club premises
  2. Trained in race management
  3. Aware of the Club Rules
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Tuesday Duty Officer

In-charge of club during social sailing (usually Tuesday’s). Duty Officers have overall responsibility for safety and the organisation of the sailing at Hollowell. A comprehensive duty officers’ guide is available giving details of how to open up/close the premises as well as key security. Please apply to Mike Pipes or Stewart Elder for a copy.

By prior arrangement with Mike Pipes or Stewart Elder, either can give a member a 1/2 hour’s session on locking up and alarm setting etc. You then get an ‘authorised’ Duty Officer (non-race) badge to wear!

  1. Can open and secure the club premises
  2. Has Powerboat Level Two.
  3. Aware of the Club Rules
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Assist Duty Officer

Firstly, what it’s not, despite the title you are not second in charge! ADO's will work under the direct supervision of the Duty Officer they do not require any special qualifications or training. The main task is to record sail numbers as they complete laps and record the finishing order and times. You will be expected to assist in entering the results on to the computer. Additional jobs include working the flags for the start sequence.



  1. Relatively agile, please.
  2. Can read & write / Use a clipboard

Boat Officer

Responsible for the rescue boat and for the rescue and recovery of sailors. Boat Officers will work with the Duty Officer, they are responsible for the safe handling of the rescue boats. Rescue crews should check all capsized boats, and keep a good watch over the fleet.
A number of requirements are necessary:- If the driver is aged between 14 and 16 years they must hold a minimum RYA Powerboat Level 2 qualification, the crew must hold a minimum RYA Powerboat Level 2 and be aged 24 years or more.
BOs and ABOs must be physically able to assist someone out of the water and into the rescue boat. Please come dressed to cope with entering the water

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  1. Has Powerboat level 2
  2. Desirable to have RYA Safety Boat qualification
  3. IMPORTANT - be physically fit.
  4. Aware of the Club Rules

Assist Boat Officer

Works with the Boat Officer. Observation of the sailing area, helps with rescues. No pre-knowledge or training is required, provided they meet the criteria re ages (see BO panel). Given the right conditions and in company with an experienced Boat Officer ABO’s should be able to take the helm of the powerboat.

BOs and ABOs must be physically able to assist someone out of the water and into the rescue boat. Please come dressed to cope with entering the water



  1. IMPORTANT - must be physically fit.
  2. Remember - come appropriately dressed for the expected weather!


Catering - Sundays, Thursday’s & Open meetings. You will be contacted in the week leading up to the duty and arrangements will be made with you. View this link for more information. This can be a hard job as some Sunday's and Open meetings 40-50 meals are served. It is always something very simple - pasta and salad, baked potato etc. On some Sundays (Youth Training, for example) and at Open Meetings there will be two positions for the Galley.



  1. Can work a radio
  2. Can make a salad without burning it!
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To get in touch either send us an email or call into the club when we are running organised racing.