Asymmetric Fleet

The Asymmetric class is one of the most recent to be introduced at Hollowell. Unlike some of the more traditional classes in the fleet – the asymmetric class is growing quickly.

About Us

Asymmetric spinnakers, cruising chutes and gennekers are basically one and the same. They are similar to symmetrical spinnakers in that they are light, colourful sails generally flown when the wind is on or aft of the beam, but that is where the similarity ends. The sail shape resembles a baggy loose luffed genoa and has a permanent luff, tack and clew. If a pole is required it is usually a small one in the form of a bowsprit.

The boats currently sailing in the asymmetric fleet on Sundays

  • Halo
  • Laser 2000
  • Laser Vago
  • RS200
  • RS400
  • RS Feva
  • Topaz Uno
  • Laser Bahia

Fleet Captain

Brian Atkins