Single-Hander Fleet

Are you part of the single-handed fleet? Until now the RS Vareo and the RS100 have been in the single-hander fleet, but it has been noted that as they have one of those big baggy sails that is hung out the front IF the wind is in the perfect direction and the ideal strength, this makes them asymmetric.

So what do we have left currently the single-hander fleet is now made up of : 1 Streaker, 1 Halo(a Blaze with a greedy sail), 3 Phantoms, 4 Supernovas, and 4 Splashes, 2 RS Areros, 3 Dart15s, 1 Sprint15, 2 Optimists, and 1 Lightening, quite an interesting bunch of dinghies.

As the single-hander fleet is a bit of a mixed bag we don't have an open meeting or any specific racing, but if any of you can think of anything appropriate then please speak up.

Don't forget that I am your representative at committee meetings and such like, but I can't report anything to them if you don't talk to me.

John Cottington Super Nova 593

Fleet Boats

  • Phantom,
  • RS Vareo,
  • Blaze,
  • Splash,
  • Supernova,
  • RS 300,
  • Comet,
  • Dart 15/Sprint15