Solo Fleet

The Solo is a classic amongst one design single-handers. It was designed in 1955 by Jack Holt who also designed the Enterprise and Mirror dinghies.

The hull is 3.78 metres long and is hard chine (flat sections with pointy corners) originally designed for home building in marine ply. Nowadays they are usually built from an epoxy foam sandwich which is light, rugged and long lasting. Some 10 year old boats are still at the top of the results tables. You will see from the pictures that there is one fully battened sail so there is a minimum of ropes to pull. The rig is however fully adjustable for wind strength and weight of the helm and responds to tuning. It is a rewarding racing boat.

There is a strong class association (the NSCA) who organise national and international events plus travellers series around the country. They also provide useful forums, advertising, training etc. The NSCA have been successful in keeping the class up to date with new technology without becoming prohibitively expensive. Over 90 new boats were registered last year which is an indication of just how thriving the class is. The second hand market is equally strong.

A single handed boat with technical appeal, a very popular boat at Hollowell.

Fleet Captain

Keith Lancaster