Symmetric Fleet

So what boats are included in the Symmetric Double Handers Fleet?  Well first of all there are all the double handed boats that are designed for or can fly a symmetrical spinnaker.  A symmetrical spinnaker is one of those pretty sails that looks a bit like a balloon and if folded down the middle will make two matching mirror image halves – hence symmetrical.  Clear?  Thought not.  Well this might help; also included in the Symmetrical Fleet are all the double handed boats which have never been designed to fly a spinnaker.  So you can be in the Symmetrical Fleet because your boat has a spinnaker of the complicated kind, or because it never had one at all.  We’re really getting somewhere now, I can tell.
So the spinnaker boats in the fleet which you are most likely to see at Hollowell are:

420, 505, Fireball, GP14, Graduate, Kestrel, Lark, Laser2, Merlin Rocket, Mirror, Miracle, Wanderer, Wayfarer.

The non-spinnaker boats within the fleet include, Enterprise, Otter, Signet, Skipper, Dabber, Adventuress, and a couple I’ve forgotten.

So welcome to the merry throng of diversity

This naturally leads to the question - what is the job of the Fleet Captain?  Fleet Captains in days of yore were known to organise Fleet picnics and such-like; so if you think the fleet should be doing a particular thing – do mention it to me.

Two particular areas I want to open up for discussion are leisure sailing and training. We sometimes see a few GP14’s and the like sailing around on a Tuesday/Thursday/Friday or whenever – doing their own thing as is their right.  If there is a consensus for something the fleet can do to enhance this experience – let me know.

I’ve already had a couple of suggestions for particular Training Sessions/Topics and would like to hear more.  I’ll nail my colours to the mast and state that I’d like to facilitate an increase in the flying of symmetrical Spinnakers, including the provision of a Club Boat with a symmetrical spinnaker.  Let me know your thoughts on Training/Coaching and when there is sufficient interest we’ll arrange sessions from outside Coaches or our own resources.

It’s your fleet – tell me what you want to make it.

David Harris

Fleet Captain – Symmetric Double Handers Fleet