1966 and all that!

During 2016 the club celebrated a successful 50 years of sailing at Hollowell. The club has never faltered in improving the site and always had a steady growth of membership. To mark our 50th birthday we published a book which relates passed events and gives a light-hearted review of the the passed half-century. Copies are available free from the club house but if you can't wait for that it is available in online magazine form just click ....here....

RYA Club of the Year



The biggest honour most of course, go to our founders Johnnie Leach and Don Howard who negotiated the lease with what was then Mid Northamptonshire Water Board. They and a small group cleared the site and converted a builders shed into a clubhouse. Working tiredlesly over the winter of 1965/66 they launched for the first race springtime 1966.

The Early Days


Our Commodores

The pessimists complains about the wind. The optimist expects it to change. The leader adjusts the sails


CG Leech 1966-1968
Don Howard 1969-1972
Charles Brett 1973-1976
AH Lane 1977-1979
LE Humphries 1980-1982
Roy Richardson 1983-1985
A Grundy 1986-1987
SR Edmonds 1988-1990
Bill Warden 1991-1992
Simon Cray 1993-1995
Mike Playle 1996-1998
Martin Hudson 1999-2001
Ian Hall 2002-2005
Larissa Barker 2005-2008
Mike Pipes 2008-2011
Russell Brayshaw 2011-2012
Nicola Wilkinson 2012-2016
Rob Dunkley 2016 -2017


RYA Volunteer awards


The RYA Volunteer awards; the MBE's of our sport recognise the outstanding contributions made by volunteers throughout the UK.
Recipients of these gold medals and their guests were invited to a special presentation ceremony and luncheon in London. Over the years volunteer Hollowell members have been recognised for their exceptional dedication and achievements in boating when they received an RYA Volunteer Award.
The awards are presented by HRH The Princess Royal.

  • Mike Playle ..many years ago!
  • Ian Hall ..2010
  • Mike Pipes ..2012
  • Derek Bunting ..2013
  • Peter/Jill Betts ..2014
  • Stewart Elder ..2014
  • Larissa Barker ..2015