...the big H......ollowell...Hon ...oliday!

You are ALL invited to a weeks sailing holiday - Port Bannatyne/Rothesay on the Isle of Bute, Scotland. Date set at Sat 11th Aug for one week.


Daily use of Isle Bute Sailing Club with small rescue boat.
Smaller boats/ less experienced sailing in bay in front of clubhouse.
More experienced – longer days sails with one full day to Tghnabruaich perhaps (with escort vessel).
Day off Wednesday and possible sail on SS Waverley
One other day (or evening) hiking/cycling as it’s a particularly good area ‘for that sort of thing’.


– find your own. Although people need to get together on this as ‘sharing’ is a distinct possibility. This is a holiday island and should accommodation is plentiful, but I suggest you get together ASAP and get places booked. Avery family might welcome a contact re a large place they have found.

Getting there.

The club house is between Rothesay and Port Bannatyne. You will need to plan your route as you need to get a ferry from Wemyss Bay.

Heed this!

All this comes with a warning. This is Scotland, the wild untamed expanse of wilderness is further north than Moscow (not joking). August is the Monsoon/ Hurricane season - you might not get a sail. The ‘wee ones’ will probably not get to sail if it’s a stiff easterly. In fact – bring a good book and a warm blanket – you will have non-sailing days. This is not ‘an organised’ trip and decisions that need to be made will be your own. Those doing the longer ‘day sails’ both boat and persons should be capable of sailing tidal waters and understand the ‘Colregs’ for nuclear submarines!!! .


What is the cost? There will be a small charge for the use of the club house and the rescue boats. The total will be divided by the number attending (adults and children and whether or not you used them).

Can I hire a boat? This maybe possible? The club does have it's own boats but you will need to discuss this with the Commodore (Alex McMillans Dad). This would be for you to arrange personally with them.

Can I camp/caravan? I am not too sure about camping sites. However, there are no caravan sites on the island. There are sites on the mainland coast and the ferry only takes a 30 mins so that is an alternative option.

Who can come? Anybody, not restricted to just HSC members

I am thinking of coming, what now? Well, email me with your intentions so I can add your name to the list. Seek accomodation or see if those going have space. Stewart

So far, it's:-

Stewart & Chris Elder, Mary & Paul Mallard, Nicky Frost, Jo Bradley, Georgia & James. Tim & Carrie Robinson. David Harris
Awaiting confirmation (still thinking):- Avery Family, Alison Linnell and Norman Carter.


  More info about the island ..here


  Looking over the Narrows with the  entrance to Loch Riddon off  to the right

 Burnt Island narrows - which are  'interesting' to sail around.

 Pics are from a tour around the island in a GP14 a few years ago (west side). Stewart