Mainsheet Magazine


'Mainsheet Magazine' was the name of our quarterly magazine we issued in the dim and distant past. It is the place now where we keep interesting articles and useful guides.

We welcome further contributions on a sailing theme from members.


Start Racing

For new members and those attending Open Meetings - shows our flag sequence and more importantly the layout of our racing buoys.

Racing Rules

A diagrammatic page for describing some of the basic racing rules. A good reminder for us all.

Personal Handicap List 2020

Throughout the racing season we have personal handicap races. This where you find out whether your are GOLD, SILVER or BRONZE fleet!

Pursuit Race PY List

Running a pursuit race? This is the order of departure using 2020 PY's.

Race Results 2018

Archive material that occasionally is worth looking back on to see how much you have improved (or not).

Race Results 2019

Archive material that occasionally is worth looking back on to see how much you have improved (or not).

Our Club Champions

Trophy & Race Series winners from 1966.


Race Fleets

The 'Fleet System' and the type of boats we race at Hollowell.

Better Racing

We all know what a race is and some know what it means to be first but we also know what it feels like to be last! If you want to sail well you must first learn to race, WHY?

Child Supervision

Just a simple analysis of HSC rules and recommendations for those with children.

Cold Water Shock

A short article and reading this may save your life OR EVEN SOMEONE ELSE'S!

Boat Parking

Where about, who to see first. And no you are not going to get a spot near the water!

The Death Roll

Article from 2014. Slightly weird advice about capsizing. Remember, if (when) you go over - smile at the camera!

Some Common HSC Sailing Terms

Short glossary for new members new to sailing.

NOT a Duty Officers Guide

All members scheduled to serve as Duty Officer should become familiar with the following suggestions

Form Guide for the Club Champion 2019

Tongue-in-cheek review of the riders and runners in this years championship.

Thinking of joining us? We suggest you make a visit to the Sailing Club; have a chat and a look around. See our 'Sailing Programme' for opening times. Contact our Membership Secretary - Ruth Cross, if you have a query.