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Near Miss Procedure

To summarise, if you see or are involved in an incident which might have caused injury or damage to property, you should record it on the relevant form which then should be placed in the log (kitchen shelves). This is to ensure that we continue to monitor and improve safety at the club. If you feel that the matter is urgent you can email the information to Policy document can be viewed in our DOWNLOADS PAGE.

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Facebook X 2

We have two Facebook pages. Both are actively used. First, is our PUBLIC page. It is our main news page for event publicity, reminders and updates. Only the webmaster can post. Then we have our MEMBERS ONLY, you need to apply to join this closed group and you can post with permission of the moderators. Its for chat and gossip, moans and groans. You know the sort of thing!

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Take action against the threat of invasive species

Around 2,000 non-native plants and animals from all over the world have been introduced to the UK by people. Water users may unknowingly be spreading them from one water body to another as animals, eggs, larvae and tiny plant fragments can easily be carried on equipment, shoes and clothing. Some can survive out of water in damp conditions for more than two weeks. Invasive non-native species can block up waterways, make navigation difficult and cause irreparable damage to the environment. Once in a waterway they can disperse rapidly, adversely affecting recreational facilities, reducing fish populations and restricting navigation.
For more information, visit Follow the campaign on Twitter @CheckCleanDry and @TheGreenBlue #InvasivesWeek

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Assistant Instructors

It could be YOU! As you know we provide quality RYA approved dinghy training to Adults and Children. Although we rely on a small number of fully qualified Senior and Dinghy Instructors HSC could not function without a Team of Assistant Instructors (AI). Teaching others to sail is a very rewarding experience, and even helps you improve your own sailing.
The AI qualification involves just 2 ½ days training, all at HSC and run internally, and free to members. At HSC we now run (simultaneously) two courses, one for Adults and one for the more experienced, and responsible Juniors, such as those who have gone through an external Squad. So if you would like to be more involved in promoting sailing and helping juniors or adults to sail then please put your name forward, and drop an email to Alison Linell. Courses will only run if there are enough attendees.

Race Reports & Images

If you do have images of our races please email them to Stewart (dutyman). Ideally, as an attachment. Some in our gallery page, so far

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