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The Race

1. This is a Relay event with teams comprising of 2 or 3 competitors selected by entrants or randomly selected on the day.

2. The event is restricted to HSC members only

3. Competitors to sail their own or club hire boat for the duration of the event.

5. One boat from each team will sail at a time and after a fixed number of laps called a session they will hand over to the next team member. This will depend on the length of the course and the conditions on the day. The objective is for the duration of a session to be between 45 and 60 minutes.

6. The next team member can start once the prior team member has completed their lap session.

Register for the event

Registration to enter the event may be made in advance by sending an email to with the helm and crew name, Boat type, Sail number and if already known the team name and other members of the team.

Registration for the event is planned to close at 11.00am on day so the random selection of entrants into team can be completed. Anyone entering after team selection has been done will be added into teams sequentially.


Donation for the event is £4 per single hander and £6 per double hander entered.

You can use this WECOLLECT LINK to pay.

The Course

1. The start line will be from buoy H to S.

2. The finish line will be from the patrol boat pontoon to buoy H. Boats must cross the finish line at the end of each lap for the lap to be recorded.

3. The course will be decided by the DO on the day.

4.The race will start at 12:00 noon and the duration will be 4 hours plus the time for boats on the water to complete the lap they are on at the 4 hour mark.

5. There will be no signal for the start.

6. The number of laps in each session will be decided on the day by the Duty Officer.


1. The number of actual laps completed by each boat will be recorded

2. At the 4 hour mark (4.00pm) the DO/Race Office will sound that the race will end on completion of the current lap. The time from the 4 hour mark to the time when each competitor crosses the finish line will be recorded and will be used to calculate the team average lap time.

3. An adjusted lap count will be calculated for each competitor by multiplying the actual lap count by the boat handicap/1000 and then multiplying by competitors personal handicap gold(+0%)/silver(+10%)/bronze(+15%).

4. Finish positions will be decided by the accumulated adjusted lap count per hour. The winner will be the team with the highest lap count per hour. Usual prizes (wine/chocolates) will be awarded to the first 3 positions.

Volunteers Required

Duty Officer - Paul Deakin

Boat Officer (12:00 14:00) - Graham Smith

ABO (12:00 14:00) - Vacant

Boat Officer (14:00 16:00) - Vacant

ABO (14:00 16:00 - Vacant

ADO 1 - Vacant (working on the shore)

ADO 2 - Vacant (working on the shore)


The Charity

Sail 4 Cancer is a sailing charity that was set up in 2001 by a group of keen sailors who had all lost a close friend or relative to cancer.

Sail 4 Cancer is primarily a provider of water based respite days and holidays for families affected by cancer.

From the moment you are diagnosed with cancer your life is taken over by hospital visits, treatments, tests, uncertainty, and often, financial worries. For a day or a week, Sail 4 Cancer takes cancer patients and their families away from the disease and the nightmare that they are living through and offers them the chance to rebuild relationships, create positive memories and have some quality fun time together.

Covid Restrictions.

You are expected to comply and to be fully aware of the currant HOUSE RULES. A reminder can be found here.

Expected Crews - so far!

David Morley
Ellen Morley
Peter Shepherd
Keith L
Tony E
Andy Deacon
Jayne Claridge
Rob & Angie
Andy Flack
Andrew Sturt
Craig Vear
Mary Mallard
Samantha Cox
Team GP - have registered (Stewart, Nicky, Barny, Gill)