Personal Handicap 2021

Personal Handicap list for 2021

The Sailing Committee has decided the following fleets for all Personal Handicap events for 2021. These handicaps apply to sailors. All sailors in GOLD Fleet will be handicapped with the PYN of the boat they are sailing on the day of competition. All SILVER sailors will have 10% extra on their PYN and all BRONZE fleet sailors will enjoy a 15% advantage.

If your name is not on the list, and you plan to race this year please advise Mark Hope or Paul Deakin. All new members joining during the year will be placed in Bronze fleet unless they are seasoned Sailors and then amended as necessary.

Please could all sailors also check their HelmAge is correct (a delicate subject for some, I know!). There are age group prizes available so please make sure we are up to date.

Junior is 16 years of age and under at the end of the current calendar year

Veteran is 60 years of age and above at the start of the current calendar year

Name HelmAge 2019 2020 2021 2021 Changes G* Status
Abbie Caldwell F B (+15%) B (+15%) B (+15%)    
Aimi Moughton F     B (+15%) New  
Alistair Crawford M S (+10%) S (+10%) S (+10%)    
Alistair Duncan VM S (+10%) G (PY) G (PY)    
Allan Winters VM B (+15%) B (+15%) B (+15%)    
Andrea King F B (+15%) B (+15%) B (+15%)    
Andrew Firth M B (+15%) B (+15%) B (+15%)    
Andrew Sturt M G (PY) G (PY) G (PY)   Yes
Andrew Wilford VM B (+15%) B (+15%) B (+15%)    
Andrew Woods M   B (+15%) B (+15%)    
Andy Biller VM B (+15%) B (+15%) B (+15%)    
Andy Deacon M B (+15%) B (+15%) S (+10%) Changed  
Andy Flack M   S (+10%) S (+10%)    
Angie Dunkley F   S (+10%) S (+10%)    
Annelies (Annie) Flack F   B (+15%) B (+15%)    
Anthony Stevens M S (+10%) S (+10%) S (+10%)    
Barny Creaser M S (+10%) S (+10%) S (+10%)    
Bill Warden VM G (PY) G (PY) G (PY)   Yes
Bob Fletcher M S (+10%) S (+10%) S (+10%)    
Bryan Rogers VM G (PY) G (PY) G (PY)    
Charles Brett VM S (+10%) S (+10%) S (+10%)    
Chris Harry M B (+15%) B (+15%) B (+15%)    
Clive de la Fuente M G (PY) G (PY) G (PY)    
Clive Jones VM B (+15%) B (+15%) B (+15%)    
Craig Vear M B (+15%) B (+15%) B (+15%)    
Dave Mason VM S (+10%) S (+10%) S (+10%)    
Dave Matlock M B (+15%) B (+15%) B (+15%)    
Dave Parramore VM B (+15%) B (+15%) B (+15%)    
David Harris M G (PY) G (PY) G (PY)    
David Morley M S (+10%) S (+10%) S (+10%)    
Ellen Morley F G (PY) G (PY) G (PY)   Yes
Frank Luikinga M S (+10%) S (+10%) S (+10%)    
Freddie de Lisle M     B (+15%) New  
Gemma McDonnell F G (PY) G (PY) G (PY)   Yes
Gillian Creaser VL B (+15%) B (+15%) B (+15%)    
Graham Smith M B (+15%) B (+15%) B (+15%)    
Hazel McDonnell JG G (PY) G (PY) G (PY)   Yes
Henry Avery M S (+10%) S (+10%) S (+10%)    
Ian Brett M G (PY) G (PY) G (PY)   Yes
Ian Collyer VM B (+15%) B (+15%) B (+15%)    
Ian MacKay VM B (+15%) B (+15%) B (+15%)    
Isolda Maroquin F     B (+15%) New  
Ivor McDonnell M S (+10%) S (+10%) S (+10%)    
James Avery M B (+15%) B (+15%) B (+15%)    
James Corbett M     B (+15%) New  
James Over JB     B (+15%) New  
James Wilford M     B (+15%) New  
Jayne Claridge VL B (+15%) B (+15%) B (+15%)    
Jenny Sturt F G (PY) G (PY) G (PY)   Yes
Jim Berry VM G (PY) G (PY) G (PY)   Yes
John Cottington M B (+15%) B (+15%) B (+15%)    
John Faulkner VM B (+15%) B (+15%) B (+15%)    
Julie Buchanan F     B (+15%) New  
Karl Inchley M S (+10%) S (+10%) S (+10%)    
Kate Bailey JG     B (+15%) New  
Keith Lancaster VM G (PY) G (PY) G (PY)   Yes
Keith Miller VM S (+10%) S (+10%) S (+10%)    
Lawrence Creaser M G (PY) G (PY) G (PY)   Yes
Mark Hope M S (+10%) S (+10%) S (+10%)    
Martin Hudson M G (PY) G (PY) G (PY)   Yes
Mary Mallard VL G (PY) G (PY) G (PY)   Yes
Matt Grundey M     B (+15%) New  
Max Lewis JB B (+15%) B (+15%) B (+15%)    
Melissa McCullough F B (+15%) B (+15%) B (+15%)    
Michael Pemberton VM     B (+15%) New  
Mike Harding M G (PY) G (PY) G (PY)   Yes
Mike Playle VM G (PY) G (PY) G (PY)   Yes
Morgan Smith M G (PY) G (PY) G (PY)    
Neil Sutherland M B (+15%) B (+15%) B (+15%)    
Nick Woods JB   B (+15%) B (+15%)    
Nicky Frost VL B (+15%) B (+15%) B (+15%)    
Nicola Strang F S (+10%) S (+10%) S (+10%)    
Nigel McKenna M G (PY) G (PY) G (PY)    
Paul Deakin VM S (+10%) S (+10%) S (+10%)    
Paul Mallard VM S (+10%) S (+10%) S (+10%)    
Paul Morris VM B (+15%) B (+15%) B (+15%)    
Paula Beveridge F B (+15%) B (+15%) B (+15%)    
Pete Jackson M G (PY) G (PY) G (PY)   Yes
Peter Jackson VM B (+15%) B (+15%) B (+15%)    
Peter Lawman M     B (+15%) New  
Peter Shepherd M   B (+15%) B (+15%)    
Rachel Heggs F S (+10%) S (+10%) S (+10%)    
Rachel McDonnell F B (+15%) B (+15%) B (+15%)    
Richard Bell M     B (+15%) New  
Richard Sturt M S (+10%) S (+10%) S (+10%)    
Rick Moughton M     B (+15%) New  
Rob Dunkley M G (PY) G (PY) G (PY)   Yes
Rob Watkinson M B (+15%) B (+15%) B (+15%)    
Robin McAllister M G (PY) G (PY) G (PY)   Yes
Russell Hadfield VM     B (+15%) New  
Ruth Cross VL B (+15%) B (+15%) B (+15%)    
Sam Wilford M S (+10%) S (+10%) S (+10%)    
Simon Cray VM G (PY) G (PY) G (PY)   Yes
Steph Harding F G (PY) G (PY) G (PY)   Yes
Steve Jolly M B (+15%) B (+15%) B (+15%)    
Steve Lyons VM B (+15%) B (+15%) B (+15%)    
Stewart Elder VM B (+15%) S (+10%) S (+10%)    
Stuart Bush M G (PY) G (PY) G (PY)   Yes
Stuart Cooper VM B (+15%) B (+15%) B (+15%)    
Stuart Wileman VM B (+15%) B (+15%) B (+15%)    
Sue Prouse VL B (+15%) B (+15%) B (+15%)    
Tim Briggs VM B (+15%) B (+15%) B (+15%)    
Tim Robinson M S (+10%) S (+10%) S (+10%)    
Tony Everard VM S (+10%) S (+10%) S (+10%)    
Will Buckland VM S (+10%) S (+10%) S (+10%)    

To get in touch either send us an email or call into the club when we are running organised racing.