Duty Officer 5

5. Eightdog Race Timer


5.0 Features

- Dual large 7-segment displays for concurrent timer and finish time display.
- 80 Position non-volatile finish log.
- Single button ‘Go’ for repetitive race events.
- Up to 20 automatic split fleet starts.
- Remote boat finish.

5.1 Before Starting

Plug the unit securely into the fitting on 'Stan'. The unit should have been left in the Handicap Racing mode with 5, 4, 1, Go programmed.

If PSt on lower line is NOT Zero then Pursuit mode is enabled and should be set to ZERO. See RED below.
The number of Fleets (FL) should normally be set to 1. If not see RED below.

You should see 5,4,1,0 (FL or PSt) on the lower screen and NOTHING on the upper. If there is something on the upper press MENU until you just have 5,4,1, 0 (FL or PSt) on the lower menu.

5.2 Starting a handicap race

Having set your start line and course. Placed yellow ('on station') flag in a convenient place and have your flag sequence ready:

Press START. The unit will count down from SIX minutes. At 5, 4, 1 and 0 the unit will beep. Before each mark there is a 10 second warning beep so you can be ready to hoist/drop the appropriate flags.

  1. At 5 min horn put H flag into position
  2. At 4 min horn put Prep flag into position
  3. At 1 min horn take down Prep flag.
  4. At 0 start horn take down H flag

See Race Extra for explanation of these flags.

5.3 Craft over the line before the start

If any IDENTIFIABLE CRAFT were over the line press the OVERRIDE button and hoist the Individual Recall Flag. If possible shout out the sail number or person over the line. When the ‘early’ starters have re-crossed the start line lower the flag without a sound signal. Disqualify any that do not return.


If TOO MANY CRAFT to identify are over the line press the RECALL button and hoist the General Recall Flag. The button on unit must be pressed within 45 seconds of the start of the race. A double horn will sound. Press Menu +Log for 5 seconds before the next minute mark to Cancel the programme, and start again.

5.4 Finishing / Shortened course.

Move the Committee boat to make the finish line at 90 degrees to the last mark. As each craft makes a complete lap of the course record their sail numbers and number of laps. After the first lap, positions will not normally alter much. Aim for a lead boat to finish at about 50 mins.

A race can be shortened on any complete lap. Hoisting the Shortened Course flag and press OVERIDE at the time the leading boat rounds the last mark prior to the finish line.

1. The race finishes for all boats after the lead boat crosses the line regardless of the number of laps
2. The preferred finishing line for handicap racing is the same mark as the start, otherwise set the finish line at the end of a beat.
3.. When each craft finishes press the horn button on the wand lead ONCE for each craft and note the sail numbers and time shown on the display.

5.5 Finish Time Log

Up to 80 finish times can be logged. These logs are retained even when the unit is powered off.
The log is automatically cleared when a race is started.
Retrieve the Log To retrieve the finish time log, from the start screen:
Press ‘log’ followed by ‘+’ and ‘-‘ to scroll through the times.
Pressing log again will return to start screen.

5.6 Pursuit Racing

If using this timer for pursuit racing please revert the unit to handicap racing at the end of the race.(See bottom of page).

1. Press MENU until FLEETS is shown

2. PRESS – (minus) to set the number of fleets to 200 . (Scrolls to 200 from 1 if you press minus). This will give you 200 ‘beeps’ at the appropriate interval.

3. Press MENU until 5,4,1,0 is shown on lower screen.

4. Press START – the unit will count down from 6 minutes to 0. The unit will then count down 4, 1, Go.
Get the number board ready with the correct number for the first boat to start and display the number during the last 1 minute (or 30 secs). On the ‘Go’ turn the number over.
After that the unit will then beep every 30 seconds or 60 seconds as programmed.
5. When the last boat has gone over the start line press MENU to stop the Beeps, counter will keep counting up.

6. When the race is completed Sound Horn using Remote Switch or Press FINISH button. Then cancel the timer by Pressing MENU and LOG together for 5 seconds.

Note: we have an alternative number system mounted on a long board.


The two most common questions ask by pursuit racers are 1. What is my PY number? Ans. Look on the official race notice board, (yes, we do have one)! 2. When do I go? Ans. When your number disappears, you disappear!

5.7 Reset to Handicap Race

(Please leave in this setting)

Press MENU until PUrST (Pursuit) is seen on top line.
Press – (minus) until Pursuit interval is set to 0
With Pursuit set to zero Handicap mode is enabled
Press MENU until FLEETS is shown
The number of Fleets should be set to 1. PRESS + (plus) to set the number of fleets to 1 or required number. (Scrolls round to 1 after 200).
Press Menu until 5,4,1,0 is shown.
Switch off by removing power

To get in touch either send us an email or call into the club when we are running organised racing.