Duty Officer 7

7. Sailwave & Locking up

7.0 Putting the results on SAILWAVE

When recording results remember to note sail numbers. The computer should already be on. It should NOT be turned off as it is transmitting webcam information constantly. Switch on the screen and the printer Password is: HSC

  1. Click on the “Sailwave” icon
  2. File: click on the appropriate series
  3. Click on the “Sail-number wizard” icon: Choose the race number: next
  4. Enter the sail number: next a. Enter the time in minutes and seconds with a full stop in between: next b. Enter Number of laps: next c. Click on elapsed time
  5. Repeat 7 for all competitors who are already on the system. Mark new competitors to put on later.
  6. Go to 10 OR Enter new competitors by clicking on the “apple core” new competitor icon near the top left-hand corner of the screen. Double click (or right click) on the “new competitor” that comes up on the results.
  7. Add: a. boat class- click on squiggly icon to open table of craft type and select appropriate one. (note that if you do not do this then no handicap will be selected and the results will be wrong!). Check that a PY number has been put in. If not this can be typed in. b. Sail number c. Helm d. Click OK
  8. Enter new competitor time and number of laps as in 7.
  9. Score: use score series icon
  10. Save via file/ save. If you don’t do this your entries could be lost
  11. Publish: use publish icon: choose results
  12. a. Tick “just this race” (or summary of series) b. Tick (in the right hand column) “ number of sailors”
  13. To alter a competitors results or particulars: right-hand click on competitor and alter Score
  14. Save via file save.
  15. Publish as in 12.
  16. Print (turn on printer first at the back of the printer)
  17. At the end of the day turn screen and printer off. But leave the computer on

Manual Calculation of race results

  1. In the unlikely event of the computer not being available, results can be calculated manually.
  2. Handicap numbers are displayed in the Race Office
  3. The time used to calculate the corrected time must be from the starting gun of the respective fleet. If the stop watch was started on the 5 minute horn, then 5 minutes must be subtracted from each recorded time
  4. The elapsed time should be converted into seconds or decimal minutes and the corrected time calculated by: a. Corrected time= elapsed time x 1000 divided by handicap number x no of laps 5. An easy method to do this is using a calculator is as follows: a. Mentally convert the PY number eg: 1288/1000= 1.288 b. If the clock started on a 5 minute horn, then calculate elapsed time (E) by subtracting 5 minutes from the recorded time c. Calculate corrected time (per lap) by converting E to seconds. Dividing by handicap (H) and dividing by number of laps (L). Positions are decided on corrected time (per lap). d. Key strokes for E=55m 46s, H=1.288 and L=4 are: 55x60+46= (Answer:649s). there is no need to clear

8.0 Locking Up

Suggested Method

It is absolutely vital you leave the club secure. The only way to do this is to have a logical order and use a check list.

Race Office. Computer left on but monitor and printer off. Check radios are all there, they should all be switched OFF and registered in their holders so that either a red or green light is displayed. To check all radios are switched off properly, switch one ‘ON’ and blow into it. This will pick up any radios left 'on'.
Fuel Store Brass key. Check fuel containers are stored on shelves (ie none left out on the pontoon). Lock the door.
Brick Shed Two locks (padlock and Yale key). Ensure floor and roof bolts on left-side door are secure. Lights off.
Buoyancy StoreTidy and lights off. Key (grey cover) needs to be used to lock it
Log Cabin Padlock - Tender in its place and petrol can out.
Shore-line Tidy - no boats or kit left out.
Naseby Lodge, Main Training Room 1 Check lights are OFF. Pull the side door shut on the combination lock and lock the deadlock with the ‘Purple’ key.
Naseby Lodge, Small Training Room 2: Check lights are OFF and pull door shut and ensure it is locked on the combination lock. The Yale lock is not in use. This enables 'out of hours' use for those that don't want or need access to the main building.

8.1 Main Building

  • Working anti-clock wise. Lock waterside doors (two knobs).
  • Curtains closed.
  • Bar fire door exit locked.
  • Bar shutters down and locked. (White key) Cash box hidden from view. Lights off on chiller cabinets. Make sure the lift-up top and its door underneath are bolted shut.
  • Lights off in this area (switches are by the bell).

  • 8.2 Kitchen Area

  • Oven power supply remains ON but check oven has not been left on.
  • Dishwasher is emptied and switched OFF. Press right button if in doubt. Best practise is to have the door ajar.
  • Shore radio is switched OFF and left on charge.
  • Roller blind in kitchen window to go down.
  • Hot water boiler off.
  • Cash Box put away out of sight

  • 8.3 Vestibule / Changing Rooms

  • Both fire doors in the changing rooms need physical checking that they are properly shut (this is our most common alarm failure).
  • Lights in this section are on movement detectors and will switch off/on automatically.
  • Pin-back the all the changing room doors (and the disabled toilet door) using the hook and eyes, this allows fresh air in the summer and heat to the area in the winter
  • Put club keys away and lock key box. Pick up 'opening keys' (*see note below)
  • Lights off, (vestibule lights are by alarm panel).
  • Ensure front door is ready to shut ie not tied back.
  • Arm the alarm - check what it says in the LED display (will show if any doors are are not closed properly).
  • Shut the front door -YOU HAVE JUST THREE SECONDS! Lock it TWICE.
  • Put keys back into key safe. Please place them on the hook inside as they have been damaged in the past when the little door has been shut.

  • Not quite to do with security and locking up - but on a Sunday if you have a tow bar can you take a bin up? It is left on the hard standing at the top of the drive on the left side. Bin collection is on a Tuesday.

    8.4 Issues with parking

    Issues you might have on closing the gate at the end of the day. What happens if you think are the last to leave and there are still cars on the car park? If possible, speak to the member and get an understanding about who is closing the gate. Problems arise if no one is about - the view is still to lock the gate. This is a private car park and there are clear notices to say so. If they are members walking around the reservoir they will know how to get out.

    *Just occasionally the club will need to be locked up if we are all out on the water (Scullers often have this issue). If the closing keys are not hanging on the main key locker, they will have been returned to the outside key safe.

    To get in touch either send us an email or call into the club when we are running organised racing.