Renewing your subscription

Well you will be reading this because you have received your membership renewal and are possibly looking for a little guidance. This guide will help you:

  • Renew a subscription with no changes
  • Add Craft or amend the membership type of an Exsisting Subscription
  • Removing a Craft Subscription

  • Renewing your subscription with no changes.

    Your renewal e-mail will ask you to log into your web collect account

    Follow the instructions by clicking ‘My Basket’ to check you have the right subscriptions and then click checkout to proceed. You will be able to amend any personal details en route and you will have to confirm each of your craft subscriptions, if you have any.

    You then come to the payment screen

    Select the payments method and place order and you are done.

    Adding Craft Permits or changing membership type for an existing subscription

    If you have recently acquired a craft and it isn’t already registered you can do this at the same time that you renew your subscriptions. If you are removing a craft please read section 3 first. Here are some easy to follow steps: 1. Begin the renew process -

    b. You will be presented with your exiting subscriptions asking you which ones you wish to renew. In this case rather than renew first, you need to add the new subscription that you want to buy.

    You will land on the subscriptions page where you should scroll down until you find the Craft permits subscription options

    d. When added to the basket, then you will be taken to the top of the screen where you can select ‘Existing members Renew your subscriptions here’ – and follow the instructions.

    e. Of course you can also do this for any changes to subscriptions that you wish to make. For example buy a family subscription in place of a single.

    Remember when you do this you must select the subscriptions that you want individually, as you may inadvertently select the subscription that you no longer require.

    Removing a Craft from your Subscription.

    If you are removing a craft from your subscription then please follow these instructions.

      If removing a 2nd craft and not replacing it simply exclude that subscription from your renewal.
      If removing a first craft and reducing your craft holdings then:
    Follow the amend craft guide by changing your 1st craft details to one of the 2nd craft you are retaining. You will then have 2 craft with the same details. In this case don’t select the duplicate 2nd craft when you renew.
      If removing a craft and replacing with another then simply amend the craft details during the checkout.

    IMPORTANT – If you buy a craft subscription, you must have a minimum of one 1st Craft Subscription.

    If you have recently acquired a craft and it isn’t already registered you can do this at the same time that you renew your subscriptions... here