Laser News (Message from Paul Williamson- Midland Laser)

Hello All,
As the beginning of the 2018 Laser Midland Grand Prix draws ever closer there are a couple of things I wanted to talk to you about.
Firstly just a reminder that we ask for a levy of £1 per boat that we use for the end of season prizes.
Secondly, we have been aware that for some time we have had a very successful series for Standard Lasers, however, less successful turn outs for Radials and 4.7s. In order to address this, for 2018 we want to trial calculating corrected results for all boats using the standard Portsmouth yardstick handicaps, in parallel to the existing series. So we will have an overall series result based on the handicap results. We will also break out the individual classes (i.e. Standard, Radial and 4.7) so they will have their own separate league tables. Therefore can I ask you to do the following when you run your Laser Opens please?
1. Calculate finishing positions based on the standard PY handicaps.
2. Clearly mark on the results which Rig the sailor has used.

In terms of prizes, these are your opens so this is very much up to you, however, I would encourage you to award prizes for the overall fleet, but to also award a prize to the at least the first in each of the classes if no one from that class has been placed in the overall prizes. In terms of the types of prizes pleas be aware that we may have no 4.7s or Radials, however, I hope this is not the case. Also that many of the sailors in all classes may be under the age of 18 so if you are awarding alcohol based prizes then it would be a good idea to have an alternative available for non-drinkers and under 18s.

We are hoping that this will start to increase the turnouts from each of the classes.
Paul Williamson.

2018 Personal Handicap List

The Sailing Committee has decided the following fleets for all Personal Handicap events for 2018. These handicaps apply to sailors. All sailors in GOLD Fleet will be handicapped with the PY of the boat they are sailing on the day of competition. All SILVER sailors will have 10% extra on their PY and all BRONZE fleet sailors will enjoy a 15% advantage.

If your name is not on the list, and you plan to race this year, my apologies, just let me know (Mark Hope) and I will make amendments. All new members joining the club during the year will start off in Bronze fleet and then amended as necessary.

Please could all sailors also check their HelmAge is correct (a delicate subject for some, I know!). There are age group prizes available so please make sure we are up to date.

Name HelmAge 2015 2016 2017 2018  
Abbie Caldwell F B (+15%) B (+15%) B (+15%) B (+15%)  
Alan Greenaway M S (+10%) S (+10%) G (PY) G (PY)  
Alastair McMillan M G (PY) G (PY) G (PY) G (PY)  
Alison Linnell F   S (+10%) G (PY) G (PY)  
Alistair Duncan M B (+15%) S (+10%) S (+10%) S (+10%)  
Allan Winters VM G (PY) S (+10%) B (+15%) B (+15%)  
Andrea King F B (+15%) B (+15%) B (+15%) B (+15%)  
Andrew Firth M B (+15%) B (+15%) B (+15%) B (+15%)  
Andrew Sturt JB G (PY) G (PY) G (PY) G (PY)  
Andrew Wilford M B (+15%) B (+15%) B (+15%) B (+15%)  
Andy Baker VM G (PY) G (PY) G (PY) G (PY)  
Andy Biller VM B (+15%) B (+15%) B (+15%) B (+15%)  
Angie Grimes F   B (+15%) B (+15%) S (+10%) Changed
Annette Parks F   B (+15%) B (+15%) B (+15%)  
Anthony Stevens M S (+10%) S (+10%) S (+10%) S (+10%)  
Barny Creaser M G (PY) G (PY) S (+10%) S (+10%)  
Bernadette McMillan F S (+10%) S (+10%) B (+15%) B (+15%)  
Bill Warden M G (PY) G (PY) G (PY) G (PY)  
Bob Fletcher M S (+10%) S (+10%) S (+10%) S (+10%)  
Brian Atkins VM B (+15%) S (+10%) S (+10%) S (+10%)  
Brian Rogers VM B (+15%) S (+10%) S (+10%) G (PY) Changed
Caitlin Jones F S (+10%) S (+10%) B (+15%) B (+15%)  
Charles Brett VM S (+10%) S (+10%) S (+10%) S (+10%)  
Chris Harry M       B (+15%) New
Clive de la Fuente M S (+10%) G (PY) G (PY) G (PY)  
Clive Jones M B (+15%) B (+15%) B (+15%) B (+15%)  
Daniel Lambley M B (+15%) B (+15%) B (+15%) B (+15%)  
Dave Blumhardt M B (+15%) B (+15%) B (+15%) B (+15%)  
Dave Holyoak VM G (PY) G (PY) G (PY) G (PY)  
Dave Mason VM S (+10%) S (+10%) S (+10%) S (+10%)  
Dave Matlock M B (+15%) B (+15%) B (+15%) B (+15%)  
Dave Parramore M B (+15%) B (+15%) B (+15%) B (+15%)  
Dave Peaty JB       S (+10%) New
David Harris M S (+10%) S (+10%) S (+10%) G (PY) Changed
David Morley M B (+15%) B (+15%) B (+15%) S (+10%) Changed
Ellen Morley JG B (+15%) B (+15%) G (PY) G (PY)  
Euan McMillan JB B (+15%) B (+15%) B (+15%) B (+15%)  
Fleur Buxton F B (+15%) B (+15%) B (+15%) B (+15%)  
Frank Luikinga M B (+15%) B (+15%) B (+15%) S (+10%) Changed
Gemma McDonnell JG B (+15%) B (+15%) S (+10%) G (PY) Changed
Georgia Dunkley JG B (+15%) B (+15%) B (+15%) B (+15%)  
Georgia King JG S (+10%) S (+10%) S (+10%) S (+10%)  
Gerry Burnham VM S (+10%) S (+10%) G (PY) G (PY)  
Gillian Creaser F B (+15%) B (+15%) B (+15%) B (+15%)  
Graham Smith M B (+15%) B (+15%) B (+15%) B (+15%)  
Hazell McDonnell JG S (+10%) S (+10%) G (PY) G (PY)  
Heidi McMillan JG B (+15%) B (+15%) B (+15%) B (+15%)  
Henry Avery JB B (+15%) B (+15%) B (+15%) S (+10%) Changed
Ian Brett M G (PY) G (PY) G (PY) G (PY)  
Ian Clark VM G (PY) G (PY) G (PY) G (PY)  
Ian Collyer VM B (+15%) B (+15%) B (+15%) B (+15%)  
Ian MacKay VM B (+15%) B (+15%) B (+15%) B (+15%)  
Imogen Day JG   B (+15%) B (+15%) B (+15%)  
Iris Singleton JG B (+15%) B (+15%) S (+10%) S (+10%)  
Ivor McDonnell M B (+15%) B (+15%) B (+15%) S (+10%) Changed
Izzy King F G (PY) G (PY) G (PY) G (PY)  
James Avery M B (+15%) B (+15%) B (+15%) B (+15%)  
James Dunkley JB   B (+15%) B (+15%) B (+15%)  
Jamie Bickers M B (+15%) B (+15%) B (+15%) B (+15%)  
Jasmine McMillan JG B (+15%) B (+15%) B (+15%) B (+15%)  
Jenny Sturt F G (PY) G (PY) G (PY) G (PY)  
Jim Berry M G (PY) G (PY) G (PY) G (PY)  
John Cottington M B (+15%) B (+15%) B (+15%) B (+15%)  
John Faulkner VM B (+15%) B (+15%) B (+15%) B (+15%)  
John Leach M   S (+10%) S (+10%) S (+10%)  
Jude Singleton JB B (+15%) B (+15%) S (+10%) G (PY) Changed
Karl Inchley M S (+10%) S (+10%) S (+10%) S (+10%)  
Keith Lancaster VM G (PY) G (PY) G (PY) G (PY)  
Keith Miller M S (+10%) S (+10%) S (+10%) S (+10%)  
Larissa Barker VL G (PY) G (PY) G (PY) G (PY)  
Laura Allen F   B (+15%) B (+15%) B (+15%)  
Lawrence Creaser M G (PY) G (PY) G (PY) G (PY)  
Lindsey Smith F   B (+15%) B (+15%) B (+15%)  
Mark Hope M B (+15%) S (+10%) S (+10%) S (+10%)  
Martin Hudson M G (PY) G (PY) G (PY) G (PY)  
Mary Mallard VL G (PY) G (PY) G (PY) G (PY)  
Max Lewis JB B (+15%) B (+15%) B (+15%) B (+15%)  
Melissa McCullough F B (+15%) B (+15%) B (+15%) B (+15%)  
Mick Coulson M B (+15%) B (+15%) B (+15%) B (+15%)  
Mike Harding M G (PY) G (PY) G (PY) G (PY)  
Mike Pipes VM S (+10%) S (+10%) S (+10%) S (+10%)  
Mike Playle VM G (PY) G (PY) G (PY) G (PY)  
Morgan Smith JB S (+10%) S (+10%) G (PY) G (PY)  
Natasha de la Fuente F S (+10%) S (+10%) S (+10%) S (+10%)  
Neil Barratt M     S (+10%) G (PY) Changed
Neil Sutherland M B (+15%) B (+15%) B (+15%) B (+15%)  
Nicky Frost F B (+15%) B (+15%) B (+15%) B (+15%)  
Nicola Wilkinson F B (+15%) B (+15%) S (+10%) S (+10%)  
Norman Carter M   B (+15%) B (+15%) S (+10%) Changed
Paul Deakin M B (+15%) B (+15%) S (+10%) S (+10%)  
Paul Mallard VM S (+10%) S (+10%) S (+10%) S (+10%)  
Paul Morris M B (+15%) B (+15%) B (+15%) B (+15%)  
Paula Beveridge F B (+15%) B (+15%) B (+15%) B (+15%)  
Pete Chapman VM B (+15%) B (+15%) B (+15%) B (+15%)  
Pete Jackson M   S (+10%) S (+10%) S (+10%)  
Rachel Heggs F S (+10%) S (+10%) S (+10%) S (+10%)  
Rachel McDonnell F B (+15%) B (+15%) B (+15%) B (+15%)  
Rachel Wyss JG B (+15%) B (+15%) B (+15%) B (+15%)  
Richard Sturt M S (+10%) S (+10%) S (+10%) S (+10%)  
Rob Dunkley M G (PY) G (PY) G (PY) G (PY)  
Rob Watkinson M B (+15%) B (+15%) B (+15%) B (+15%)  
Robin Buxton M B (+15%) B (+15%) B (+15%) B (+15%)  
Robin McAllister M S (+10%) S (+10%) G (PY) G (PY)  
Russell Brayshaw M G (PY) G (PY) G (PY) G (PY)  
Ruth Cross VL B (+15%) B (+15%) B (+15%) B (+15%)  
Sam Wilford M S (+10%) S (+10%) S (+10%) S (+10%)  
Simon Bickers M S (+10%) S (+10%) G (PY) G (PY)  
Simon Cray M G (PY) G (PY) G (PY) G (PY)  
Simon King M S (+10%) S (+10%) S (+10%) S (+10%)  
Sophie Grahamslaw JG B (+15%) B (+15%) B (+15%) B (+15%)  
Steph Harding F S (+10%) S (+10%) G (PY) G (PY)  
Steve Jolly M B (+15%) B (+15%) B (+15%) B (+15%)  
Steve Lyons M B (+15%) B (+15%) B (+15%) B (+15%)  
Steve Travell M   B (+15%) B (+15%) B (+15%)  
Stewart Elder VM B (+15%) B (+15%) B (+15%) B (+15%)  
Stuart Bush M     G (PY) G (PY)  
Stuart Cooper VM B (+15%) B (+15%) B (+15%) B (+15%)  
Stuart Wileman VM B (+15%) B (+15%) B (+15%) B (+15%)  
Sue McCrea F   B (+15%) B (+15%) B (+15%)  
Susan Prouse F B (+15%) B (+15%) B (+15%) B (+15%)  
Teddy Middleton-Smith JB S (+10%) S (+10%) S (+10%) S (+10%)  
Thomas Regan JB   B (+15%) B (+15%) B (+15%)  
Tim Briggs M     B (+15%) B (+15%)  
Tim Robinson M S (+10%) S (+10%) S (+10%) S (+10%)  
Tony Everard M B (+15%) B (+15%) S (+10%) S (+10%)  
Will Buckland VM S (+10%) S (+10%) S (+10%) S (+10%)  
Zara Avery JG B (+15%) B (+15%) B (+15%) B (+15%)  

I Protest!


we protestShould a sailor observe another sailor break one of the Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS), then he or she is entitled to protest, whether involved directly in the incident or not, and whether a collision took place or not. The sailor has to shout “Protest” at the earliest opportunity. At this point the “accused” sailor has the opportunity to “plead guilty” and take a penalty 720 degrees turn on the water as soon as practicable(2 x tack and 2 xGybe). The alternative is to take the argument ashore and either have the case heard in a Protest Hearing or realise the error and retire from the race after finishing

The protest hearing is the problem: the protestor has to fill out a protest form; the hearing has to be made up of three independent experts; the hearing would normally take place after sailing when people normally just want to relax and go home. In the four years I have been at Hollowell, I only know of two protests which have taken place in normal club sailing. There have been many more breakages of the rules on the water when nobody has taken penalty turns; in many cases that’s because of a lack of knowledge of the rules.

We have introduced a new scheme which can avoid the daunting protest hearing and adopted the RYA Arbitration Scheme. First the sailors involved in the incident have to agree to this process. The sailing committee has agreed a list of members who it feels are qualified to be an arbitrator and this list should be on the notice board at the club. The sailors would take the case to the arbitrator who would hear both sides of the story and if possible hear from a witness/ es). The arbitrator would decide what the facts are and make a decision, if possible, who is in the wrong. The sailor found guilty would then a take a 20% penalty, e.g. if there were 20 boats in the race they would have 4 points added to their race score (i.e. if they had finished 5th on the water they would receive a score of 9).

Some of the benefits of this scheme are that it’s a lot less onerous, a lot less formal and much more in keeping with the friendly nature of our club. It can be used as an education for those who do not have a full understanding of the rules without resorting to the bureaucratic, slightly daunting protest hearing that could lead to a disqualification. It is worth noting, however, that arbitration cannot take place when serious damage to a boat, or an injury, has resulted from an incident.

I have seen many rules broken in our club races without anyone doing anything about it. We are supposed to be self-governing on the water in the absence of an umpire or referee; hopefully this system will help bring about greater rules observance.

Written by Rear Commodore Russell Brayshaw