Race Summary
SPRING SERIES SATURDAYS - 18 RACES 7 TO COUNT - 26/3/22 to 28/5/22
SPRING SERIES SUNDAYS - 24 RACES 10 TO COUNT - 13/3/22 to 8/5/22
SUMMER SATURDAY SERIES - 16 RACES 10 TO COUNT - 4/6/22 to 6/8/22
SUMMER SUNDAYS SERIES - 24 RACES 10 TO COUNT - 22/5/22 to 31/7/22
AUTUMN SERIES SATURDAY - 16 RACES 10 TO COUNT 13/8/22 to 16/10/22
AUTUMN SERIES SUNDAYS - 21 RACES 9 TO COUNT - 14/8/22 to 17/10/22
FROSTBITE SERIES - 19 RACES 7 TO COUNT - 30/10/22 to 11/12/22
SNOWFLAKE SERIES - 4 RACES 2 TO COUNT 18/12/22 - 1/1/23
THURSDAY PERSONAL PURSUIT - 18 - 12/5/22 to 8/9/22

Saturday Series Races
All boats race together and their positions are calculated on a HANDICAP BASIS using the Portsmouth Yardstick rating system. A Saturday trophy is awarded to the winner of each Saturday Series (Spring, Summer, Autumn).

Sunday Series Races
All boats race together and their recorded placings are used to compute two lots of results as follows:- 1) A Sunday Handicap Trophy is awarded to the overall winner of each Sunday Series using the Portsmouth Yardstick rating system. 2) A Fleet Trophy is awarded to the highest placed boat in each of the Sunday Series in each of the following clases: Laser, Solo, Topper & Sailboard. 3) Handicap Fleet trophies are awarded for highest placed boats in Asymmetric, Symmetric & Single-hander categories.

Prizes for 1st 2nd 3rd and (1st VETERAN, LADY & JUNIOR)
Prizes are awarded in these categories on the basis of all races in the Saturday Series and Sunday Series races throughout the season excluding Frostbite series.

Personal Handicap - Fleets & Races
At the beginning of the year competitors are split into Gold, Silver or Bronze Personal Handicap fleets based on their previous year's race results. Gold fleet sailors will then compete in all PH events off their standard PY number, Silver fleet sailors are awarded 10% extra race time and bronze sailors have 15% extra. Special prizes are also awarded to the highest placed Silver and Bronze fleet sailors in each Sunday series (excluding Frostbite Series) but these are based on their series ranked results using their official PY ratings. Members Personal Handicap list (set from previous year) can be viewed HERE.

Frostbite Handicap Series
All boats race against each other and their positions are calculated on a handicap basis using the Portsmouth Yardstick rating.

Thursday Evenings
Sociable sailing with an informal Personal Handicap race at 18:30 hrs and supper afterwards. See Thursday Ladder

All races are sailed in accordance with the Racing Rules of Sailing and Hollowell Sailing Club's Sailing Instructions, copies of which are available in the clubhouse and here on the DOWNLOADS PAGE
Need a Copy?
We no longer produce a printed programme - you have a number of choices:
  • We have a RACE ONLY Calendar (On the left, click on the Google logo) from which you can export direct to your devices. (Do not confuse this with our main club calendar unless you also want to know when the cleaner comes and the grass gets cut!)
  • Print a PDF copy which can you will find in the DOWNLOADS page.
  • To get in touch either send us an email or call into the club when we are running organised racing.