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HSC gets back the Warwick Trophy! Hard fought races today for the Inter-club Warwick trophy ....IMAGES

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Where is my printed programme?

Sorry we no longer issued it to members. NOR's/SI's are within this website. This means that information or changes to the sailing programme can be better kept up-to-date. However, should you feel you have a desperate need for one, go to the downloads section and print one off yourself. WARNING - it runs to 40 pages!


HSC has adopted the RYA Arbitration Scheme for rule infringment and protests. MORE

What is my PY number? Are You Gold, Silver or Bronze Fleet?

New (Hollowell) list for 2017. Downloads Page

RYA Official PY List (all boats) Downloads Page

2017 Sailing Programme

On this web page HERE
Our downloadable Google calendar. HERE
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All now updated with amendment issued 17/1/17 Laser Open, date change NOW - 18th June (was the 4th June).

Club Racing - Sailing Instructions

All races are sailed in accordance with the Racing Rules of Sailing and Hollowell Sailing Club's Sailing Instructions, copies of which are available in the clubhouse and from the downloads page. Club series instructions can be viewed at the bottom of the Sailing Programme

List Of Winners

Are you a winner of a Hollowell Trophy 2016? Check it out here (Rob, don't bother looking!) here

2017 Changes to the International Rules of Racing

These will apply to club racing from January 2017. Compared to previous years these maybe considered as 'minor adjustments'.
For youth sailors the biggest change may well be the concept of "Support Person" and that they are now bound by the rules. What this means is that if your Dad misbehaves at a sailing event you can get penalised. Not a problem for us at HSC - but aimed at the bigger Open events.

For all of us there are detail changes around rule 18 (mark roundings), as indeed there usually are.
18.2 has a new clause, which I think is mainly about when you stop being entitled to mark room, and is clarification. 18.3, tacking in the zone, has been changed so it only applies at port hand rounding marks. This is a smaller change than you might think.
19 (Room for Obstruction) has a bit of clarification about overlaps and marks.
20 (Room to tack) has been rewritten for clarity, but with much the same meaning.
21 (Exoneration) has had some housekeeping. If you're not familiar with this you should be. Its a relatively new concept in the rules, covering, roughly speaking, what happens when someone forces you to break a rule.
22.3 (Backing a sail) now applies to a boat moving sideways (on the startline probably) by backing a sail. This will affect some of the more tactical start line antics.
24.2 interfering with another boat rewritten. Now "if reasonably possible".
30.3 New "U flag" rule. This is a variation on the black flag which doesn't carry over to successive starts. DO's should consider this rather than black flag for Open events, because it means less work for the Protest Committee. Flag "U" is red and white squares.
If flag U has been displayed as the preparatory signal, no part of a boat’s hull, crew, or equipment shall be in the triangle formed by the ends of the starting line and the first mark during the last minute before her starting signal. If a boat breaks this rule and is identified, she shall be disqualified without a hearing but not if the race is re-started or re-sailed or postponed or abandoned before the starting signal. This changes rule 26.

To clarify, a disqualified boat will be able to race again if it is re-started (but not allowed under 'black flag rules').

Fleet News


The Asymmetric class is one of the most recent to be introduced at Hollowell and has quickly expanded in numbers.


Our largest fleet at Hollowell. Lasers are fast and exhilarating and offer close competitive racing.


A single-handed boat with technical appeal, a very popular boat at Hollowell.


Boats in the fleet which you are most likely to see at Hollowell are: 420, 505, Fireball, GP14, Kestrel, Lark, Laser2, Merlin Rocket, Wayfarer.


So what do we have currently the single-hander fleet is now made up of : 1 Streaker, 1 Halo, 3 Phantoms, 4 Supernovas, and 4 Splashes, 2 RS Areros, 3 Dart15s, 1 Sprint15, 2 Optimists, and 1 Lightening, quite an interesting bunch of dinghies.


The Topper is recurring favourite at the club with juniors of all abilities enjoying sailing this more powerful boat.


These are legal requirements YOU must adhere to....


Appeals to the out and out racers and fun sailors of all ages. Boards of various sizes are available for use by Club members.

Youth Squad

We have a very active and successful  Youth Squad.