New Craft Permits for 2017

With a greater use of technology to help control and monitor craft kept at the Club, we have decided to replace the annual craft permit with a one-off ‘Sticker’ issued when a boat is first registered. Here are examples of the craft permits that will be issued in 2017 which will look something like this and includes all the details that help identify the owner, the boat and the allocated location.

Default Permit Size 76mm x 76mm Black and White Polypropylene Label, Thermal Printed

We are also aware that the standard ‘sticker’ does not always lend itself to being affixed to every class, especially open transom craft. So we have also designed a low-profile ‘sticker’ that can be used instead and located on a mast or other appropriate, visible, surface. These will be issued on demand.

Low Profile Permit Size 110mm x 25mm Black and White Polypropylene Label, Thermal Printed

The new permits will be available in the New Year. So please make sure that your craft details are up to date on web collect. The occasions on which a permit will be issued are:

    Initial registration.
    Change of owner
    Change of location.
    When it is no longer legible.

Why are we changing our permits?
We are changing the permits because the need for an annual permit to indicate a subscription has been paid is no longer effective. The new membership database provides a quick and easy reconciliation of outstanding memberships. Therefore, the permit is only needed to identify the craft and owner.

Is this costing us more as a club?
The initial outlay for a special printer, software and materials is greater than the annual spend on labels. However, we expect the investment to be repaid within 3 years. We will aslo have the means of greater flexibility and can extend the infrastructure to other uses.

I have sold my boat to another member – what do I do?

Ask the receiving member to contact the membership secretary who will check that a new subscription has been ordered and will issue a new permit.

The details on my permit are wrong.
The details are extracted from the membership database and reflect the information that you entered. If it turns out that this was incorrect then please update your record so that a new permit can be issued with the correct data. Contact the membership secretary to print the new permit.

My permit has come off or is no longer readable
Please contact the membership secretary to print a replacement permit.

Does this mean I only pay one craft subscription?
No you will always be asked to renew your subscription annually. The permit is issued on the event of the craft being first issued.

Are the permits waterproof.
The labels on which the details are printed are polypropylene and advertised as waterproof. We have placed samples on marks on the reservoir and they are still there! Time will tell how well the printing lasts. However, we have enough material to print 4 years’ worth of permits so we won’t run out of labels in the short term.

Treated yourself to a new boat?

If you have treated yourself to a new boat - you will need to update your record on webcollect. Here is brief guide to assist you ....HOW . While you are there please check all other membership details.