HSC Instructor Slogan

"I am a Sailing Instructor, to save time let's just assume I'm always RIGHT!"

2018 Course Allocation

Click below to volunteer on all of the courses available this year, and see the current course allocations.

Dinghy Courses: Inc Adult Dinghy, Junior Start Sailing (Tuesdays and weekends), Tuesday Tasters and Go Sailing sessions....HERE

Sunday Coaching and Dinghy Week....HERE

PB2 & SB courses.....HERE

Please enter you names in the yellow or green sections to volunteer, and when confirmed your name will be moved to the red area.

Operating Manual

WORD download and ESSENTIAL READING for all Instructors.

RYA Resources

This links to the 'Pathway' Leaflets section of the RYA website. You will need login and password.

Administration forms /Course Syllabi and joining instructions/ Evaluation forms / Safety brief / Powerboat slides / New* RYA Sailor Clinic Improver / Staffing Levels

24 RYA clips from tacking and gybing to the five essentials. Useful clips to send to students for discussion the following day

Cold Hazards

Useful notes (RYA issue) details about Cold Water Shock

Garmin Use

This is 'essential' equipment for RYA Training Centres (apparently).PDF download.

Coaching from a powerboat

RYA teaching notes and guidance about on the water coaching.

Risk Assessments

This links to our DOWNLOADS page. Here you will find RISK ASSESSMENTS for each HSC Dept. Incld Training.

The Five Essentials

Powerpoint cards for Level 1 Students.

The Five Essentials

Powerpoint cards for Level 2 -Weather/Tides etc

Sailor Improver Cards

RYA PDF copy (not suitable for printng)

Sailor Improver - Racing Cards

RYA Clinic PDF copy (not suitable for printng)

Teaching Tacking -

Article from RYA Wavelength, teaching tips on learning to tack.

Smarter Sailing

Instructor notes for five essentials

Improving upwind performance

Instructor notes for improving upwind performance!

Kids Games

Games for..... kids