Powerboat Equipment & Quiz


What radio channel do we use?

A. Channel 10
B. Channel 1
C. Dosn't matter. Its locked into the device.

In the above RYA equipment list. Is there something missing?

A. Handheld GPS
B. Flares
C. Nothing - the list is complete.

On a RIB, how many kill cords should you have on the boat?

A. Three
B. Two
C. One (on the key ring)

You have a life threatening emergency. Is the call number...

A. 112
B. 999
C. Either

Kill Cords are worn....

A. Around the wrist
B. Around the leg
C. On your buoyancy aid

What is entrapment?

A. Getting caught sailing without booking a duty slot
B. Getting caught having a boat without a sticker
C. Getting caught underneath a upturned boat.

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