Duty Officer



It is the intention of these pages to bring together the various documents relating to the job of Duty Officer. Previously, we had:

'How To Run Races at Hollowell'
'Duty Officer Guidance'

All were available as print-off PDF's. This made it hard to keep up to date with changes and amendments. This format will be more accessible and hopefully be a good 'reminder' resource.

Message from the Sailing Secretary

We need to encourage new Duty Officers to come forward, and that they have the right tools to do, what is actually, a rewarding job. This guide may de-mystify the DO role and show that it is not as hard as it looks!

If you feel you have the racing experience (and really if you have been a regular racer at Hollowell for at least two seasons), then you should be prepared to take on your share of this position. This club’s main activity is dinghy racing and without a steady intake of new Duty Officers we may find it results in a reduced sailing programme.

If you already are a Duty Officer, one of the most important things we can do as a Sailing Committee, is to ensure that we do everything we can to make this job as easy as possible. Procedures and equipment should be suitable and in full working order with clear instructions. If you have any suggestions that can assist in this aim, please feel free to speak to me.

Sailing Secretary
Paul Deakin

Amendment Log

Date Amended Correction or update
Oct 2021 Full revision out for approval
13/2/22 Added in 'Club Opening' about returning keys to key safe. Extensive reindexing of section. NOTE work in progress images to be added.
1/6/22 Two copies of an edited version of these pages are on Stan and in the Race Room. A downloadable (PDF) copy is available on the Downloads Page.
race start

Duty Officer Responsibilities

Hollowell Duty Officers are responsible for:

  • Checking 2-3 days in advance with DutyMan that they have a full crew.
  • Checking the weather forecast.
  • Ensure the club buildings/gates are opened.
  • Ensuring that adequate rescue cover is available.
  • Running races as per the published sailing programme. Setting a safe start-line and course.
  • Keeping track of boats on the course. Taking finishing times (delegated).
  • Monitor weather conditions during the race. Communicate with Boat Officer.
  • Ensure all kit/boats are put away properly. (delegated).
  • Input race results.
  • At the end of the day, ensure all buildings and gates are secure. All radios are in place and switched off.

  • The safe operation of the Club is designated to the Duty Officer and Boat Officer who are perfectly within their rights to:

    1. Order all boats off the water e.g. if too many boats are capsizing / imminent thunder storms etc.
    2. Insist on addition safety cover before sailing is allowed.
    3. Abandon or postpone racing.
    4. Recommend children/novices do not sail.
    5. Order individuals off the water.


    1. On The Shore

    • Top & bottom gates
    • Building access
    • On shore setting up

    2. Get Ready For Racing.

    • Prepare Stan
    • Starting Position
    • Start-line anchoring
    • Setting a course

    3. Hollowell Racing.

    • Thursday Personal Handicap
    • Personal Handicap
    • Pursuit Racing

    4. Typical Courses

    • Use the 'S' mark
    • North Westerly
    • South Westerly
    • Northerly
    • Southerly
    • North Easterly
    • Easterly

    5. Run a race - Eightdog (new) Timer

    • Before Starting
    • Handicap race
    • craft over the line
    • Finishing/ Shortened course
    • Finish time log
    • Pursuit Race
    • Reset timer to handicap race

    6. Run a race - old race timer.

    • Plugging in
    • Handicap racing
    • Craft over the line
    • Finishing / shorten course
    • Multiple fleet starts
    • Rewind timer button
    • Pursuit racing
    • Pursuit race length
    • Start a pursuit race
    • Finishing pursuit race

    7. Using Sailwave

    • Race room computer
    • Manual calculations

    8. Locking Up

    • Method
    • Buildings
    • Issues with parking

    9. Additional Information

    • Common Racing Flags
    • Rarely Used Racing Flags
    • Cancelling Racing

    To get in touch either send us an email or call into the club when we are running organised racing.