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Courses to broaden and increase you knowledge.


Windsurfing Taster

Date to be set

Fancy an evening learning to windsurf, or in any case stand up on a board! Water is warm and inviting. Fun taster session run by Mike Playle, mainly for adults but bring the children as well if you want.

Please aim to arrive at the clubhouse by 6:00 to 6:15pm to allow us time to get you kitted out for the evenings fun. (Obviously the weather conditions on the day can dictate how long we are on the water for). Sessions are open to groups of all ages from 8yr upwards.

Snacks and hot drinks are available in the clubhouse.

solo girl sailing

Ladies Fun Day

Saturday 13th Aug 2022

An great opportunity for those Ladies that want to Launch/Lunch. A free Ladies fun day for members. Bring a contribution for lunch, then we will spend a fun afternoon on the water. Play games to improve your sailing skills, ask advice from those that know what to do. A fun, relaxed, flexible day out on the water and hopefully in the sun.
Please book in below so that we can gauge numbers. There is no charge for the sailing but if you want to use a club boat please book and pay for one on webcollect.


Book your place through WebCollect
Contact Andrea King for information. EMAIL

sailing lasers

Duty Office (Race + Non-Race)

Course Dates: Saturday 26th March 2022

Duty Officer (Race), runs the club racing from the Committee Boat. With the assistance of the Boat Officer will ensure the days racing is run in a safe and proper manner.

The aim of this one day is to demistefy the Duty Officer’s role and show how easy it is. If you have 'had a go' at racing then you CAN be a Race Officer. The day is informal and limited to a maximum of 2 participants so that everyone can see properly what goes on.

The course will answer the following questions:

  • How is a course set?
  • What do the flags mean?
  • What do the horn signals mean?
  • When do the flags go up (then down)?
  • How do I calculate the results?
  • What responsibilities am I taking on?
  • Where are all the keys? Making the building secure?
  • How do the radios work?
  • What happens if I have a serious incident?

Book your place through DUTYMAN - see course dates on the duty rota and fill and put your name in.

The DO (Non-race) will supervise the club on occasions when sailing is taking place and there is NO organised racing. This occurs on Tuesday evenings and sometimes on Bank Holidays.

This person will need to be PB2 qualified and is expected to patrol the water with a rescue boat. This is not a formal course - make contact and we will spend about 1 hour at the club going through the procedures at a mutual suitable time.
Contact Stewart Elder for more information about both roles EMAIL

first aid

The RYA First Aid Course


The RYA First Aid Course is designed to teach you what to do in many of the situations where people have accidents whilst on a small craft, from how to resuscitate someone to how to treat minor cuts.
This course is useful for anyone who goes out on the water and at the end of the course you will qualify for the RYA First Aid Certificate which is valid for 3 years from time of issue.

The key aims of the RYA First Aid Course are to ensure that the student is able to:

  • Perform CPR and know how this differs on a drowned person
  • Understand the effect of cold shock and how to treat hypothermia from immersion and exposure
  • Recognise the signs and implications of reduced responsiveness in a person with a head injury
  • Apply direct pressure to a wound and control bleeding.
  • Recognise and treat seasickness and dehydration
  • Obtain medical advice and assistance using the VHF radio
  • Know how to prepare for helicopter evacuation
  • Demonstrate how to turn a casualty into the recovery position
  • Understanding the importance of maintaining the airway

These are popular courses and priority places are given to HSC Instructors


Book your place through WebCollect
Contact Clive de la Fuente for more information EMAIL


Understand Sailwave

Date to suit you!

Don't leave it until the pressure is on and everyone wants the results! Mark Hope is our 'Race Result Supremo' anyone wishing to learn how to use Sailwave should contact him and arrange some personal tuition (on a race day, of course).
Please do make an effort to spend half an hour learning about the inner workings of Sailwave, its not that difficult.
An ability to type more than 1 word per minute would be useful.

Speak to Mark at the club or contact him by email. results@hollowellsc.org.uk
race rules chart

Understanding the Racing Rules

Date to be set (An evening lecture with guest speaker)

Do you know the Racing Rules of Sailing? Test your knowledge in a light-hearted quiz on the rules. There are questions for novices, intermediate and experienced sailors, so come along and test your knowledge and learn something new too. All answers will be explained by William Jeffcoate and Nadina Lincoln, rules Advisers for the Midlands.

The evening is suitable for those that race weekly through to those who have just started racing, our junior members and invite your sailing friends too. Hopefully this will be an entertaining way to help you learn the rules better!

Date: To be set
Time: Quiz starting at 7.30 pm, bar open from 7pm.
Cost: Free

To get in touch either send us an email or call into the club when we are running organised racing.