Boat Parking

Oi! You can't park that here!

At Hollowell Sailing Club we have craft and trailer parking for our sailing members comprising approximately 300 spaces. Craft permitted to park at the club are sailing dinghies and sailboards. Trailers are those, which relate to the transport of craft. Trailers can be stored separately (in area M) but because many are just 'dumped' on us you MUST display a current membership label.

We do not offer craft or trailer storage for non-sailing members.

New Members Info.

If you have a 'new' boat please park it in area 'D' and contact the Harbour Master for a more permanent position.

All dinghies are kept in the dinghy park at the owner’s risk, Hollowell Sailing Club take no responsibility for loss and/or damage to individual dinghies.
Dinghy owners are required to hold a valid certificate of insurance in their name; this must include third party liability for up to £3,000,000. Dinghy insurance is also required for craft 'not sailed'

We strongly suggest you tie-down your boat ie secure it to the ground by pegs or weights. This is often specified in boat Insurance Policies.

These notes are for guidance only. Please use the 'Club Rules' for further information. (Downloads Page)

Renewing Members - A Reminder

When you renewed your membership you will need to define your dinghy park position, these are allocated by the Harbour Master (Ivor) and the current allocations are in the PDF links below (if you are not on the list or you think the list is incorrect contact Ivor and he will sort it out).

When you are signed up for the year you will be issued with a 'New Years' sticker which will have on it your name and boat, this sticker MUST be stuck on the rear of your boat, on the mast or failing that then on your launching trolley PLEASE MAKE SURE IT IS VISABLE. If we can’t see a sticker we may mistakenly think the boat’s abandoned!

If you have sold a boat or swapped it for another one please let Ivor know so he can keep the records up to date.
If you have a new boat without a boat park position or want to move to a better position Ivor can allocate you a new spot (for new boats leave your boat in area D until he does). Any changes will require a new sticker that Ivor and Sue (Membership Secretary) will sort out. DO NOT JUST HELP YOURSELF TO A NEW PARKING SPACE – prime spots are generally reserved for frequent sailors (or sailors who let the Harbourmaster beat them)!

Please also note that YOU are responsible for cutting the grass underneath your boat. Battery operated strimmers and fiercer type equipment is provided. Please do not use the 'Grillo' machine without first being shown how it works.

These notes are for guidance only. Please use the 'Club Rules' for further information. (Downloads Page)

Harbour Master EMAIL Ivor

Is responsible for organising and maintaining the boat parking area and the administration of that area in conjunction with the Membership Secretary.


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