Members Handbook

The Members Handbook is normally issued to new members. That document (which can be found in the 'downloads page') is the original source material. The text here is only intended to be a summary.

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FACILITIES: Camping, Car Parking, Changing Rooms, Tea Bar, Bar & Lounge, Notice Boards, First Aid, Guests, Lost Property, Disabled Access, Lockers,Private Hire, CCTV.
SECURITY: Gate Codes, Out of hours access, Duty Officers.
CHILDREN: Responsibilities
DUTIES BY ALL MEMBERS: Duty Requirement, The duty rota.
GETTING ONTO THE WATER: Sailing programme, Sailing times.
KEEPING MEMBERS INFORMED: Web Site, Email, Webcollect.
SAFETY ON THE WATER: Water Safety policy
ADULT TRAINING & COACHING: Getting started,Training,Youth Squad
AFFILATED CLUBS: Sculling, Model Yachts
NON-PROGRAMMED WATER-BASED ACTIVITY: Casual sailing, Open Water policy
CRAFT AND TRAILERS: Your own craft

Hollowell Sailing Club was founded in 1966, and today has some 250 memberships. It is a non-profit-making club, supported by the subscriptions and efforts of its members, and managed for their benefit by an elected committee. Members share the tasks required to run the club amongst themselves.
The water, Hollowell Reservoir, is set in a peaceful and attractive valley, in the north of Northamptonshire, and when full extends to 114 acres. The clubhouse is approached from the Hollowell to Guilsborough road and has car parking and dinghy parking and sailboard racks within easy reach of 6 slipways

Camping at Hollowell

Out of hours use of the Club, grounds and facilities

  1. During non-programmed sailing hours the club house may be opened for members by an adult committee member or Instructor Member.
  2. Committee members are responsible for leaving the premises secured or passing responsibility to another committee member, duty officer, or Instructor.
  3. If the Clubhouse is used while camping the Members using the facility must ensure that the Club is maintained clean and tidy e.g. washing up done and dishes put away.
  4. Club members may camp overnight in the grounds and use the out of hours changing room and toilet. The use of club boats/sailboards is not permitted outside of programmed sailing hours
  5. Guests of club members may use club facilities according to rules relating to Guests and Visitors who must sign in
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Changing rooms - The Changing Rooms offer good changing space with lots of hot water for showers. The smaller Training Room in the Naseby Lodge can be used for getting changed out of programmed hours providing a toilet and cold water hand basin between March and October. Between December and March the water supply is drained and the toilet and hand basin are not available.

Tea Bar - The Tea Bar has been recognised by the local authority as a 5 star facility. We want to maintain that standard so good hygiene by all users is essential. It is equipped with a dishwasher, cooker, microwave, freezer and fridges. A self-service hot drinks machine is provided – though you still have to pay! The Tea Bar is run on a duty rota basis (see “Duty rota” below), overseen by the Tea Bar Manager. The Tea Bar offers hot and cold drinks and snacks on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, Saturday afternoons and Sundays. Hot meals can be ordered on Thursday evenings and Sunday mornings for lunchtime. A “tab” system may be operated during the day to save you having to carry cash in your sailing kit, but if you use this system, please be sure to settle up your account before the last race starts. 2021 - CURRENT COVID RESTRICTION APPLY see our news pages for more information.

Bar and lounge - The raised area around the bar in the north side of the Clubhouse is designated a dry area only. Please do not use it if you have wet sailing gear on. A range of beers, wines and spirits is stocked, at reasonable prices. The running of the bar is the responsibility of the Bar Manager, to whom all suggestions/complaints/offers of help should be addressed.

Notice boards - In the main entrance area is an Official Notice Board which displays the days’ Duty Crew, powered boat availability, and any changes to Sailing Instructions for Open Events.

Telephone The telephone number is: 01604 740328. If you’re passing when it rings, answer it! It may be for you-oo! There is an extension to this line in the race room.

First aid/Medical help - There is a first aid box by the Tea Bar and a list of qualified first-aiders is posted with it. A defibrillator is provided adjacent to the Tea Bar boiler. This requires no specialist knowledge or training to use. In a minor emergency, please help yourself. Please record any accidents in the accident book. Emergency instructions and key information is located on the combi boiler in the Tea Bar. Anyone with a head injury should seek medical attention as soon as possible and read the head injury information sheet.

Guests - All guests must be signed in by an adult member in the visitors book in the entrance lobby. They then become temporary members for the day, and may enjoy all the facilities of the club agreeing to abide by the club rules during their visit. Any guest may not be signed in more than 4 times in any 12-month period.

Lost Property - Lost property will be kept for approximately 6 weeks and after that will be disposed of. Smaller items (glasses, chargers, USB's etc) of property are put in a plastic container on the Tea Bar bookshelves.

Disabled access – Hollowell Sailing Club is registered as a RYA Sailability venue and aims to provide access to sailing for all where this can be achieved. We are mindful of the excellent facilities available at Northampton Sailing Club, just 3 miles away, and will signpost people if we are unable to meet needs.
We have an excellent disabled toilet and shower facility within the main building. Access to our clubhouse for wheelchair users is by way of extra wide doors at either side of the clubhouse. We do not however, have disabled parking bays and you need to be aware of the rough stone covering in our car park.

Lockers for valuables – small lockers are available by use by members near the disabled toilet and in the ‘Gents’ changing room. Care should be taken to keep the keys safe although if loss occurs then contact a committee member who can gain access with the master key and declare an appropriate penalty.

Club House Private hire – members may hire the club facilities subject to agreed terms and should enquire about availability and prices from the House Manager.

CCTV – CCTV is in operation on the premises. The installation of CCTV was prompted by reports of thefts damaging other sailing clubs in our region. The sole intention of monitoring is to deter or respond to theft or damage of property.

Electric gates - Electric gates are located at the main road entrance. These will normally be open during sailing sessions. If you come out of hours you will need the access code. When leaving the club the gates will automatically open when a car approaches. They will not open when pedestrians approach - a separate code is used by pedestrians.
Club gate entrance - There is a combination padlock on the 5 bar entrance gate, the combination is: *****.
Out of Hours Changing & Main Naseby Training Room - There are security keypads on the doors to both ends of Naseby Lodge. When the clubhouse is closed members may still access the out-of hours changing room which has a toilet and handbasin which is operational between March to October. Use the main access code with the addition of ‘C’ and ‘Y’ as follows: CXXXXY
Duty Officers - Duty Officers are those members who have been at the club for more than 2-5 years and who have received training in the club security systems. They will take responsibility for unlocking and locking up the clubhouse, setting alarms and going through a series of checks to ensure the buildings and premises are secure. Separate codes are in place for these. Many duty officers are also trained or experienced in club or open meeting race management.

The full club rules can be found on downloads page of the website and are supplied to all new members. All members agree to abide by these rules and which may be revised from time to time and approved by the Annual General meetings held in March.

Helpful guides and manuals - In addition to our club rules we have well-developed policies and procedures which provide helpful guidance on a range of areas including safeguarding, inputting race results, rule arbitration, instruction and race management. Many are available on the downloads page on this website.

No dogs other than assistance dogs, trained and certified through Assistance Dogs UK (ADUK), may be brought onto the club premises. Dogs and their owners must adhere to Anglian Water Byelaws.

Members are responsible for their own children. The club defines a child or junior is being anyone under the age of 18 years. According to our club rules, children under 14 have full use of the club premises where suitable and should at all times be in the direct supervision of a responsible adult. Junior and student members under 16 are required to have a parent or guardian in membership and available at the club whenever they are involved in a club activity. Children may not sign in visitors or hire club boats.

The Committee - Key decisions are made by the General Committee, which meets 4 times a year. There are five sub-committees which meet to discuss the finer details of the operation of the Club: Sailing, Membership, Social, Maintenance and Training. Committee names, photos and contact details are available on the club notice board and website. For more details see Appendix D.

Annual General Meetings - The General Committee is elected by club members every year at the Annual General Meeting in March to manage the affairs of the club.

Duty requirement - Hollowell Sailing Club has a full and active sailing programme. This is only possible because members are required to fulfil a certain amount of duty time to the club and many contribute far more. This ensures that events in the sailing programme are run in a safe and proper manner.

All adult members are required to complete a set number of duties and younger members are encouraged to contribute too.
Single members are required to do at least two duty days each year. With a Family membership comes the requirement for the equivalent of 4 full days duty. Non-sailing members with juniors are required to do one duty day.

The Duty Rota - Hollowell Sailing Club uses an online system called DutyMan for the publication and management of all duties. DutyMan allows members to check for duties, volunteer for various jobs and swap when necessary. An email reminder is sent automatically 7 days before your duty day. Logins and passwords are available from the Duty Co-ordinator.
The basis of the system is that you go online and add your name against an appropriate job, on a day of your choice. There is further information on this .... HERE.

Private BBQs - The brick fuel store contains charcoal during the summer months which can be used for the BBQ although please replace the stock after private use.
Grass cutting and strimming – The brick boat shed houses two lawn mowers and a ‘Grillo’ grass strimmer to keep areas under your boats tidy. The main grassed area is cut by a contract mower several times a year but will not cut the grass near boats. Before using the strimmer please read the instructions in the Tea Bar folder and sign the declaration of competence.
Burgees and rope sales - Burgees and ropes are available for sale to members at very good prices. They are kept upstairs in the race office and prices are marked on the rope reels and the burgee box. There is a sharp knife in a plastic box along with a receipt book. Help yourself to what you need and complete a receipt for what you are purchasing and the amount of money. Take the receipt down to the T Bar and hand the receipt and the money for the T Bar staff to include in their accounts. However tempting it is - you don’t keep a receipt.

Our club website - is regularly updated and has information about all the club’s social, training, sailing and racing events, the duty rota, rules, procedures and guidance as well as links to other interesting websites.
Webcollect - We offer an online membership and events booking and payment system through Webcollect. Anyone can create their own account, apply or renew their club membership and book training courses and other events online. Payment options include bank transfers and cheques. Renewing members can also pay for membership via direct debit and cash payments can be accepted if preferred.
Email Contact – the preferred means of contact with members is by email and all those who supply an email address will receive membership information and notices. A weekly e-news ‘What’s On’ is sent to all members containing details of upcoming events during the sailing season.
Facebook Like it or loath it. We have an active 'members only page'. It has the advantage of instant communication. Items for sale, general notices, as well as good humoured banter and some interesting images of our sailing abilities are posted here.

Our 'landlords' - Anglian Water have issued a Biosecurity Policy. This policy has the full backing of HSC and we insist you follow it fully. More information Also on that page we have recommendations about some possible issues with Hollowell Reservoir being 'open water'... we hope it doesn’t give you nightmares!

Our ‘Water Safety Policy’ is available in our download pages and is essential reading for anyone taking part in or organising activities on the water at Hollowell Reservoir.

Open Water Policy - The Club has an open water policy which means that access and sailing is permitted at any time between 10.00 am and dusk throughout the year. Please sign in and out using the book in the covered area outside the bar. Outside of programmed training, sailing or rowing times the main clubhouse and outbuildings are usually not open and club hire boats are not available, and there is no rescue facility. You are strongly advised to sail with another boat. If the clubhouse is open make sure you know what plans are in place to close it again if you leave personal belongings inside.
Casual sailing - permitted on all days when there is club racing except Open Meetings and special events. Please check the Sailing Programme before coming, as these are clearly marked as “no free sailing”. If there’s racing going on, and you’re not racing, please keep clear of boats that are. At all times please respect other water users.

We offer a very comprehensive sailing programme commencing with our Mad March Pursuit in early March each year and progressing beyond the New Year into our Snowflake Series.
Full details of our sailing activities are provided in our Annual Programme available from in our website..
Open Meetings and Special Events – we hold a number of open meetings during the year including specific events for the Windsurfers, Lasers, Solos, and Toppers. Other open meetings provide welcome opportunities for all classes to sail competitively with visitors from around the country.

Hollowell Sailing Club is an approved Royal Yachting Association Training Centre and has a Chief Instructor and Principal to ensure that all RYA training events comply with RYA requirements. The main Training room is located in the Naseby Lodge. The club is proud of its reputation for good quality training. It regularly runs training courses on powerboat handling. Members are encouraged to enrol on powerboat level 2 and Safety Boat courses so that they are suitably qualified to do Boat Officer Duty.
There is a full range of dinghy sailing courses for adults. These start with the beginners Level 1, moving to the more advanced Level 2. After that there are more courses available to improve sailing and progress people’s sailing career. These courses may include Start Racing, Sailing with Spinnakers, the advanced Level 3 as well as the popular Ladies Days. We also run in-house assistant instructor courses, which enable experienced sailors to teach at Hollowell SC. Please see the training programme for further details and contact the Training Coordinators for bookings.

Getting started – children aged 8+ can take part in our training and coaching courses. The Junior Start Sailing Course is the ideal place to start providing all that is needed to get out on the water. Youth Coaching – taking place on alternate Sunday mornings once the weather is a bit milder, children between 8-18 are encouraged to join one of three groups and make progress with their sailing and racing gaining RYA qualifications on the way. Once they are mastering some of the basic skills they can think about travelling a little further afield visiting four other local clubs as part of the Anglian Water Junior Series which brings young sailors together from five clubs in the area. Junior Week - Our very well-attended Junior Sailing Week kicks the school summer holidays off with a great start. Open to members and non-members aged between 8-18 we offer three days dinghy sailing and three days windsurfing, which can be booked together or separately.
Youth Squad – We are very proud to be a leading member of the Midlands Junior Circuit and regularly send representatives to major national events in Optimist, Topper, Splash and Laser classes. We are active in the Eric Twine National Junior Finals and National Schools Sailing Association team racing events and endeavour to provide opportunities for our developing sailors to extend their skills locally, nationally and internationally.
Instructors – many of our young sailors excel and take interest in becoming instructors themselves. We provide opportunities for our young members to qualify as Assistant Dinghy Instructors and Dinghy Instructors and to go on to deliver training courses at Hollowell.
Details of how to book on a training course or get involved with the youth coaching and youth fleet are all available from our website or just get chatting at the club to find out more.

This is a new activity option at HSC (introduced 2021). It has proven to be very popular and our scenic, quiet water has been a great asset. To save duplication of information (there are a few restrictions to SUP'ing you need to know), please go to our SUP's


Sorry, NO canoeing and kayaking on the water. This is a decision made by Anglian Water.

Rowing – Hollowell Scullers is a rowing club which is affiliated to Hollowell Sailing Club and operating at Hollowell Reservoir by agreement with Anglian Water. A five-year renewable Agreement was drawn up between the two clubs in June 2013 setting out the conditions under which rowing will be permitted as well as the use of Hollowell Sailing Club facilities. These terms are reviewed each year. Only members of Hollowell Scullers are allowed to row at Hollowell Reservoir and all craft must have a non-transferable craft sticker affixed and be kept in the designated area. Hollowell Scullers as a club is responsible for its own duty crew and liaising closely with other water users.

Model Yachting – Hollowell Radio Sailing Club is affiliated to Hollowell Sailing Club and sails on the Hollowell Reservoir within their remit and with the permission of Anglian Water Authority, occasionally they also use the Bassett Lowke model boating lake within Abington Park. The Club is administered by racing model yacht enthusiasts and currently meets on a weekly basis on Tuesday afternoons at Hollowell.


Any water-based activity must be approved by the General Committee in order for the event to benefit from our insurance cover and to be conducted within required safety parameters. This includes any organised training, coaching or any other activity on the water.
Anyone proposing a non-programmed activity is invited to complete a non-programmed training form available to download from the website. A qualified ‘sponsor’ will need to agree to supervision of the event and overseeing adherence to required safety conditions. The form should be submitted to the RYA Training Principal for approval and no commitment entered into until this is given.

At Hollowell Sailing Club we have craft and trailer parking for our sailing members comprising approximately 300 spaces. Craft permitted to park at the club are sailing dinghies, sailboards, canoes/kayaks (subject to special permits and by agreement only). Trailers are those, which relate to the transport of craft. We do not offer craft or trailer storage for non-sailing members.

We have a full web page with maps and details HERE.

Boat Parking. Each area of the boat park has been lettered and numbered so that the Harbourmaster can allocate vacant spaces for new boats and trailers. You must obtain a boat parking space before you park your boat and temporary parking is available in Area D adjacent to the car park. The Membership Secretary will issue a non-transferable craft or trailer sticker when you pay for your membership which should be displayed on the back of your dinghy or the skeg of your sailboard. This will allow us to easily check boats, trailers and sailboards and remove those that are no longer legitimately parked.

Boat Insurance You MUST have boat insurance in order to sail at Hollowell. This is a condition of membership. Please do read your policy documents. For example, not many policies cover leaving your sails in the boat. We also have had incidents in the past where members have not insured their boats because they 'do not sail' they have then had to pay out of for damage caused to neighbours boats when wind has picked them up!

One of the benefits of belonging to Hollowell Sailing Club is the ability to hire a club boat at a very reasonable cost. Currently our very comprehensive club fleet is available for viewing
Using Webcollect enables you to hire and have the benefit of cashless payments. The system will also show which boats are available (previously you would not have found out until you turned up at the club). There is a computer you can use to do this in the main club room should you wish to book a boat on the day. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU PROPERLY LOG OUT OF WEBCOLLECT IF YOU USE THE CLUB COMPUTER!

Many of our club boats have been obtained with thanks to support from Big Lottery Awards for All, Sport England, the Eric Twiname Trust, the Northamptonshire Community Foundation and Daventry District Council.
Rigging - You will have to rig and de-rig the boat yourself but if you need help or simply want someone to check the boat over before you launch please ask a committee member or qualified person. Laminated rigging guides are available on the external wall outside the bar. Hire boats are parked together around the Log cabin and each is prefixed with ‘H’ to indicate it is a hire boat. All club boats, their trailers and main parts are numbered, the rigging, sails and foils are stored in the boats or in the log cabin or brick boathouse. It is important the same numbered parts are kept together. At the end of the hire period the boat must be de rigged and the cover replaced. Unless you can positively hand the boat over to the following hirer the boat must be packed away. Any defects should be entered in the Bosun’s Logbook.

To get in touch either send us an email or call into the club when we are running organised racing.