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Entel Radios — Older / Spare Radios

How To Work Our 'Newer' Entel Radios (Short wave UHF)


The bare radio is waterproof but NOT buoyant (and is worth £200). If the float is missing or punctured, fit a new one before taking it on the water.

Using the Radio

  • Use radio number according to the boat you are using eg. Radio 3 for boat 3.
  • Always do a radio check before going out on to the water.
  • Make sure that the VHF is on channel ONE.
  • Depress the side button of the radio, speak clearly and project your voice forward across the microphone area rather than directly into it, and then say the name of the boat or person/place that you’re calling up to three times and then say the name of your boat up to three times.
  • After the boat/person you’re calling responds, both parties can then take turns speaking saying ‘over’ (NEVER ‘over and out’) whenever the person speaking is done talking and waiting for a reply. When all communications are over both parties will say ‘out’ to indicate that the conversation has ended. And that’s how to make a VHF radio call.
  • If an emergency happens on the water and it is being dealt with - DO NOT USE THE RADIO - These radios cannot handle multiple conversations. Hogging the ‘prestel’ switch stops others speaking. Use you eyes and ears first, otherwise shut-up.


  • Place the radio in the charger base so that the charging light illuminates. Jiggle the radio as needed until you get a red light displayed on the charger base, otherwise the radio will not charge.
  • Check that all ENTEL radios are ‘Off’ by transmitting using one of the stand-by KENWOOD Radios. If a radio is still switched 'On' you will hear a sound and see the green light on the top of the radio come on.
  • RADIOS LEFT SWITCHED ‘On’ WILL NOT CHARGE, Irrespective of which of the lights are showing.
  • The charging unit light starts off red and becomes green when the radio is fully charged.

A constant issue we have with these radios is that they are put on the charger AND NOT SWITCHED OFF consequently they do not get recharged.

How To Work Our Older Entel Radios (Short wave UHF)

Basic Controls

Switch ‘On’ and ‘Off’ with the red button on the front of the radio. When switching ‘On’, the radio will light up and give a slightly delayed 4 note response.

When switched ‘On’, the green light on the top flashes every 5 seconds. When switching ‘Off’, depress the red button for a few seconds until you obtain one beep. Check that the flashing green light has gone off.

The knob on top selects the channel. In use this is normally set fully anti-clockwise at channel 1. The two buttons with ‘arrows on’ on the front adjust the volume. Orange button on the top - press it and if the radio is switched ‘On’ the front panel will light up. Note: probably difficult to see in bright sunshine.

Unusual Bleeps

This probably means the battery charge is low. If could also be the battery is getting near the end of it's life and not holding its charge. If you picked up the radio and it was already switched on then go for the first option. Report the second in the Bosun’s log.

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