Safety Notices

This is a page about issues with equipment or for passing on messages to the next Duty Crew.

Updated 24/11/23

Powerboat 1 is out of action - starter motor failure

Radios are still being put in the charger and NOT switched off.

Reporting Faults

The main source for reporting breakdowns/faults is still by writing in the BOSONS LOG (on the shelf next to the boiler). If there is an important H &S issue, please ensure you have disabled and labelled the equipment. Report the fault in the Bosun’s log and write a short reminder about it on the white boards at the entrance. Although you may want to use these pages to ensure as many people as possible are aware of issues.

Standing Notices

Be advised that marks should be place MORE than 30 metres from the edge of the water and please do avoid areas where fishing is taking place. 30 metres is 3 sections of the concrete pontoon.

There is a log book on the shelf that contains tasks to be completed on Sunday’s and Saturday’s. This is a requirement of the Food Standard Agency. Please ensure its is signed and dated when the tasks are completed.


POWERBOATS - We have two new engines on our RIB's both have an elastic strap to go over the consul to prevent the key from falling out.
The new petrol tanks have an air vent that is permanently 'open', you need to do nothing!
The new engines DO NOT have separate kill cord on the engine.
NOTE: The RIB's are NOT our first choice rescue boats.

POWERBOATS ENGINES - There are occasions when the powerboats can be left out overnight. If this is the case LEAVE THE ENGINES IN THE 'DOWN' POSITION ie blades NOT exposed!

Users of petrol tanks – please note…………..

WE have an issue……………………… the expensive stainless steel petrol containers (£100 each) have a plastic flexible nozzle inside the tank. This nozzle is splitting just near the metal screw-on cap. Replacements are not available. SO…… some cans have had this removed, you may find that you will need to use the funnel, red one please as it has a filter built in.

Stan Notices

Mobile Phone on Stan

On Stan and permanently attached to USB is a mobile phone. This is for emergency service contacts but also has a quick dial to the Clubs main phone (the one next to the boiler). This might be useful in the event of radio failure. Note that the landline phone in the club also has quick dial to Stan.

The Anchor Buoy for Stan

This is how to anchor Stan securely at the end of racing. HOW HARD CAN IT BE! We have twice in the last few weeks found variations of this which if the wind had got up Stan would have gone adrift.

Boat Sheds

BOAT SHEDS - View here as a reminder for putting the boats away. Note: new ring for bow 'pull-in' rope.

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