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In the Race Room we have a selection of rope types. There is a knife and scissors available. Use the measure attached to the ‘stall’. All the prices are different and are clearly mark on the side of the reel (per metre). Write out a receipt - put the top copy with your money into the tea bar cash tin.


Excellent quality, hand-made especially for us. Note the price please £7.00. Write out a receipt in the book next to the burgees and place cash into T.bar tin or better still use contactless machine in T.Bar.


Excellent quality T-shirts (only white (XXL) left). A limited edition with the Hollowell SC logo celebrating our 50 years of sailing. Help yourself from the cupboard in the clubroom and put your money in an envelope marked 'T-shirt' and leave it in the tea bar cash tin.


Boats & Bits

We have different selling options:

The first is members boats who have used this web page to advertise. Contact them direct please. We can only advertise boats that belong to our members (or ex-members) but of course, anyone can purchase them.

The second type of sale is abandoned boats that we as a club have acquired. WARNING: These tend to be in pretty poor shape and often with important bits missing - so buyer be aware!

Lastly, the club regularly replaces its youth and hire fleet boats. These are well maintained and often acquired by the club brand new.


Laser – Sail no 143937
Good Condition
All 3 sails available, Full spars and launch trolley and cover


Currently at Hollowell SC.