Hollowell Shop / Boat Sales

Club Clothing

A new order being prepared for the start of 2018 season. Order through your WEBCOLLECT ACCOUNT. Look under SOCIAL section.

Please place your clothing orders and pay for them by Sunday 8 April 2018.

Delivery: by Saturday 28 April 2018 in the clubhouse and in time for Public Open Day on Saturday 12 May 2018

The following items are available:
T Shirt GD02 White Short Sleeve
T Shirt GD02 Navy Short Sleeve
Polo Shirt KK409 White/Navy Trim Short Sleeve
Polo Shirt KK409 Navy/White Trim Short Sleeve
Round Neck Fleece JH030 Navy Long Sleeve
Hoodie Two Tone JH003 Navy/Charcoal Grey Long Sleeve
Hoodie Two Tone JH003 Black/Orange Long Sleeve
Hoodie Two Tone JH003 Charcoal Grey/Orange Long Sleeve

You can choose to pay by bank transfer, cheque or cash. Paying by cheque or cash please put into a sealed envelope in the Tea Bar tin marked for Nicky Frost and include your name and details in the envelope.


Hollowell Jubilee Hats and T Shirts

Beanie Hats

Beanie hats with the Hollowell SC jubilee logo. These are a very limited edition and will undoubtedly be a collectors items in years to come. ONLY £3.75.


Excellent quality T-shirts (only blue left). A limited edition with the Hollowell SC logo celebrating our 50 years of sailing.

These items are available direct from club stock - no ordering required


There is a very wide selection of rope for sale to members. There is a knife and scissors available. Use the measure attached to the ‘stall’. All the prices are different and are clearly mark on the side of the reel (per metre) . Write out a receipt - put the top copy with your money into the tea bar cash tin.


Excellent quality, hand-made especially for us. Note the price please £6.00. Write out a receipt in the book next to the burgees. Put the tear-out receipt with the money into the tea bar cash tin.


BUYING ROPE AND BURGEES....Please do try to follow the accounting rules. There is a small duplicate receipt book in a box by these items. Make sure the carbon paper is between the correct pages - write out a receipt describing briefly what you have had and the total cost. Tear out the top copy and put that and the money in the tea bar cash tin. SIMPLE really...!

Boats & Bits For sale

Sorry only members of HSC can sell from here. Although open to any non-member to buy. Contact - Stewart. dutyman(AT)hollowellsc.org.uk if you wish to advertise or buy here.

Various Boats for Sale (abandoned and/or given to the club for disposal)

Lark 4173 - In poor condition. Fiberglass hull sound but unfortunately top deck had been painted which is starting to peel-off. No sails - mice had eaten a big hole in them. Good but old cover. Launching trolley OK but one wheel has gone. This boat is a give-away price of £20. Email dutyman if interested.

Other boats currently being looked at and being prepared for sale:
• 420 No. 23849
• Miror No. 23955
• GP14 No. 9658
• Gull No. 1955

Solo (private sale)

A Tony Thresher Wooden Solo No. 4266 Plywood hull, Edge Sail. B Plan Sail. Kwick Cover in good condition. Under Cover. Rapide Combi Trailer. Procter Mast. Measurement Certificate. Location Hollowell S.C. Northamptonshire. Price £1200 ono

Solo 2043 (private sale)

Richard Lovett. Plastic Hull. Plywood Deck. Dragon Combi Trailer. Needlespar Mast & Boom. Kwick Cover .Various Sails. Location Norfolk.Price £375 ono.

Solo 616 (private sale)

Holt Wooden Hull. Wooden Mast & Boom. Rigged Transom Main. New Centre Board Rubbers & Self Bailers.Holt Sail. Good Rapide Road Trailer But Poor Launching Trolley. Unfinished Project due to ill health . Location Blaby, Leicestershire. Price £325 ono

If you require more information about these three boats give Dave Heathcote a call on 0774 5224138.