Stand-Up Paddleboarding

No sitting down allowed!

Can I use my own board?

Yes, of course...but... when bringing (or removing) your own board on to the site it must be checked, cleaned and dried in accordance with Anglian Waters Biosecurity By-laws..

Can I hire a board?

HSC has purchased a board from Decathlon which can be hired.
SUP hire is now live in webcollect. A great opportunity to try before you buy. Sessions suggested at 2hrs & £3 please do negotiate with members re timings

When and where can I paddleboard?

A more detailed policy (ie rules for children on the water etc)

BE SAFE - Please do check out this message:

Members must respect the rights and entitlements of anglers at the reservoir and keep a distance of 30 meters from any active fishing from the shore.

fast boat

I am already a sailing member of Hollowell, can I go paddleboarding?

Members of Hollowell Sailing Club (other than the category of Social Member or Accompanying Adult) may SUP at no additional charge.

Paddleboarding is only permitted by eligable members of Hollowell Sailing Club, and their guests. These guests are required to sign the Visitors Log and adhere to the club rules.

We are a 'self-help' club.......

As for every member of Hollowell SC you will need assist in the safe running of the club and will be required to fulfil duty obligations.

After all these rules - do you still want to join????


This is an internet based membership system. The main benefit for the Club is that it will considerably reduce the administration overhead by enabling new membership applications and membership renewals to be performed on-line by members in much the same way as they would purchase products from on-line retailers such as Amazon.


We have in the out-of-hours room (code required) a portable air-pump of 20 psi capacity. Fit hose and switch-on (main switch on its bottom). Simple USB re-charge, but please do follow the instruction card in the box.


What 'magic' is in here?

...on the back wall

Portable & high capacity.


As winter draws in, there are less hours to find time to head out for a paddle and hone those SUP skills. Short of hopping on a plane in hunt of warmer waters, we’ve pulled together some tips that will have you embracing cold water paddling like a warm hug!

The days may be short, but you really can’t beat the sunlight glistening over cold water on a crisp winter’s morning. And, who doesn’t love warming up after a crisp, cold day on the water?

So, if you are planning on hitting the water this winter, make sure you are well prepared by following these top tips for cold water paddle boarding during winter:


Before you head out, make sure your inflatable SUP is up to the task. Always check the pressure of your board, especially if you’ve stored it inflated over a period of time. Aim for the maximum PSI as your board will sit higher in the water and offer improved stiffness and glide as you paddle.


We are not just talking about the sun shining here (although it helps!). Make sure you know the air temperature, water temperature and wind speeds when paddle boarding. Wind strength is an important one to note as if strong it will make the water choppy and even a gentle head wind can make progress slow and increase the wind chill factor.

Make sure you study the forecast before setting off (ideally two forecasts to double check) as the weather at this time of year can be unpredictable and conditions can change very quickly as a result.


To get the most out of cold-water paddle boarding it is vital that you wear what's required to stay dry, warm and safe.
While it is sometimes tricky to know what to wear paddle boarding throughout the year, your winter attire really hangs on what type of paddling you intend to do. If it is particularly chilly and you plan to head out onto choppy waters, a wetsuit will be your best option. If however, you plan to paddle a longer distance in calmer conditions, choose something warm yet breathable as this will help to regulate your temperature, especially if you begin to build up a sweat during your paddle. Layers of breathable clothing and wind-proof top technology will keep you warm and comfortable while paddling. And don’t forget your hat and gloves!


Hitting the water during the winter can come with increased risks so ensuring you have the right equipment to keep you safe on the water is vital.
Do not launch without a BUOYANCY AID, not only will it keep you afloat, they keep you surprisingly toasty too whilst on the water. Ensure your life jacket is both snug and comfortable and doesn't lift up when pulled at shoulders.


Submerging into cold water can result in a ‘cold water shock response’. While your natural urge is to thrash and swim in the water, it is best to try to float until the shock subsides. Wearing a life jacket gives you added security; it will help you float to conserve your energy and breathing before you try to get back on your board. And once you are back on dry land make sure you warm-up the right way. Here's a great video on cold water shock:


Lastly, find a paddle buddy. Not only is it safer to paddle with a friend, it is so much more fun; how else are you going to photograph yourself paddling into that glorious winter sunset? If you can’t entice a friend to join you, then put a post on the club members Facebook site and see who else would like to join you: Members Facebook Page Put simply, if we respect the water, plan ahead and know our limits, we can all enjoy safe SUPing this winter.
Happy Paddling!