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Updated 30/6/20

Sailing Times (Members Only)

  • Saturday - 13:30 to 17:00 Recreation sailing & Self Managed Boat PY Handicap pursuit races at 14:00 and 15:30
  • Sunday - 10:00 - 16:00 Recreational Sailing & Self Managed Boat Handicap pursuit races at 13:15 and 15:00
  • Tuesday- 17:30 to 20:00 Recreational sailing
  • Thursday- 17:30 to 20:00 Recreational sailing & Self Managed Personal Handicap pursuit race at 18:30

Please view dutyman rota if there are changes to this programme

Summary of key changes:

  1. To minimise risk there will be no sailing in strong winds – this will defined as the water having white horses (force 5)
  2. Duty Officer with PB2 certificate to be on the water supervising self-managed racing
  3. "Patrol boat” on the water during opening times, this will be single crewed by a PB2 Boat Officer.
  4. Tuesday evening sailing DO and BO roles can be the same person
  5. Clubhouse unlocked to access toilets, first aid kit & defibrillator, keys, changing facilities – one way system now implemented
  6. Changing – we encourage sailors to change at home or in the car park where possible
  7. Galley / bar / indoor seating - CLOSED with no access
  8. No showers
  9. LATEST UPDATE (11/7/20) When sailing a double handed dinghy the risk should be assessed if sailing with members from outside your household - please click RYA doublehanded guidelines link for more detail.

To view the latest Hollowell COVID risk assessment - go here.

To view our Covid 19 Operational Approach document (Return to Sailing) - go here


    Plan Ahead!

  •  Please DO NOT be a burden on those that have volunteered to run the current 'return to sailing' format.
  •   How will you cope with no rescue boat readily available? Please do take time to read this page before going out.

    Know your limits

Self-Managing Races

We are currently experimenting with two different types of 'self-managed' racing. Full SAILING INSTRUCTIONS can be found here

Wanted...Duty Officers & Boat Officer

For recreational sailing - Duty officers holding PB2 certificates required. Handicap races now have two members on the water, one patrol boat with PB2 driver and a Duty Officer. Please use the following links. duty rota

The House Rules:

In preparation for the reopening of the club and the resumption of sailing the changing rooms and toilets will be open and available to members during the normal sailing calendar. We have introduced a number of precautions which will help to reduce the risks of members contracting Covid 19. Firstly I would ask that all members familiarise themselves with Government Guidelines and treat the club environment in much the same way as workplaces, shops and offices where other people are likely to be and may well have touched multiple surfaces.

The club has been extensively cleaned and sanitised throughout and will be cleaned hereafter every week for the foreseeable future. You will note upon arrival at the clubhouse that there is a one way system in place to allow the facilities to be used without compromising the 2 metre social distancing rule. Please follow the arrows throughout the club and honour the 2 metre markers in and around the buildings. You will also note a sanitisation point in the foyer where you will be invited to use hand sanitiser provided by the club. This should be used in addition to normal hand washing and drying protocol. You may prefer to bring along your own towel for hand drying. Further sanitisation points are available in the changing rooms and the workshop.

The Galley, Bar and Lounge will remain closed and the showers are also out of use. However if a shower is needed as a matter of urgency the unit in the disabled toilet is working and available to members. The 2 metre rule will severely restrict the numbers able to use the changing rooms so the Naseby Lodge has been set up as an overflow should there be a problem with capacity. Members are encouraged to arrive ready to sail or to change discreetly in the boat park or by their cars.

The House Manager is contactable on 07817 680548 or and welcomes any further suggestions which may be helpful.

Happy Sailing everyone.

Best Regards

Club Hire Boats

We understand that some members cannot sail at the moment as they do not have a boat. From this Sunday 28th of June you will be able to use a Club Hireboat for FREE until further notice.

The process will be as follows:

  1. Go to the Club and decide which boat you want to hire.
  2. In the foyer there will be a folder called BOAT HIRE. Check in the folder that the boat you are proposing to use has not been used in the at least the previous 48 hours. If it has choose another boat. If all is OK write your name, boat number, date and time of hire in the BOAT HIRE book. On completion write the time of return in the book as well. Clearly only one household can us the boat on the same day (no passing between friends).
  3. Should there be a problem with a boat please report it in the Bosun’s log as usual. If a boat is not suitable to sail please use the Bosuns log AND mark the boat with red/white tape to show it is out of action. (Red/white tape can be found in the brick boatshed).
  4. Of course only members from the same household can sail in double handed boats.
  5. Currently only members can visitors please.

Boat Hire Information HERE

All of the above Training elements are subject to government and RYA guidance. Should this guidance change then these plans may have to change.


Back On the Water Course (9th, 16th, 23rd July)

We are setting BoW up to happen on three Thursday evenings starting in July.
The course would be for single handers only (or families in double handers). Instruction would be limited to onshore training and instruction from a safety boat. (No instructors in double handers).
If it went well and there was demand we could re-run in August.
Pricing - £24 for the three weeks. (this is the normal price). Boat ‘hire’ free.



Summer Coaching 2020 (NEW)

We think there is a demand to get children back on the water
This will be in the following format:

Windsurfing 20-21 July Max 12 Three groups of 4

Dinghy Coaching 22-24 July Max 15 in three bubbles of 5
& 29-31 July Max 15 in three bubbles of 5

Each bubble will be distanced from the other bubbles, have their own rigging areas, briefing areas etc. They will keep a boat for the 3 day duration and will keep the same BA, helmets etc.


Sunday Coaching

On the basis that the Dinghy Week coaching works well we would reintroduce Sunday Coaching, based on the same principles.

Assistant Instructors

As you know we provide quality RYA approved dinghy training to Adults and Children. Although we rely on a small number of fully qualified Senior and Dinghy Instructors HSC could not function without a Team of Assistant Instructors (AI). Teaching others to sail is a very rewarding experience, and even helps you improve your own sailing.
The AI qualification involves just 2 ½ days training, all at HSC and run internally, and free to members. At HSC we now run (simultaneously) two courses, one for Adults and one for the more experienced, and responsible Juniors, such as those who have gone through an external Squad. So if you would like to be more involved in promoting sailing and helping juniors or adults to sail then please put your name forward, and drop an email to Clive. Courses will only run if there are enough attendees.



Out of hours use of the Club, grounds and facilities

  1. During non-programmed sailing hours the club house may be opened for members by an adult committee member or Instructor Member.
  2. Committee members are responsible for leaving the premises secured or passing responsibility to another committee member, duty officer, or Instructor.
  3. If the Clubhouse is used while camping the Members using the facility must ensure that the Club is maintained clean and tidy e.g. washing up done and dishes put away.
  4. Club members may camp overnight in the grounds and use the out of hours changing room and toilet. The use of club boats/sailboards is not permitted outside of programmed sailing hours
  5. Guests of club members may use club facilities according to rules relating to Guests and Visitors who must sign in

Thinking of joining us? We suggest you make a visit to the Sailing Club; have a chat and a look around. See our 'Sailing Programme' for opening times. Contact our Membership Secretary - Ruth Cross, if you have a query.