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An Elder Rant!

We have a 'first world' problem. LOST PROPERTY what happens to it and what YOU can do to help.
The amount of clothing scrapped off the floor of changing rooms and taken to Charity Shops on a monthly basis, is a poor reflection on how we now treat our clothes and sailing kit. It seems to those that have to deal with this mountain, that people simple leave items with carefree abandon around the place and make no attempt for it to be reunited with it.
An item missing your your kit - no trouble - just go out and buy some more! Every item on this video does not have a name on it - other than the expensive designer labels.

What is the 'lost property' process at Hollowell

    1. On a weekly basis abanoned property is taken from the changing rooms and outside areas and placed in the 'laundry basket' in the vestibule area
    2. At the beginning of each month this basket is gone through and if it has a name or ID mark attempts are made to return the item to the owner
    3. All the rest are then taken to the Buoyancy Aid Store where it festers away from another month in a big red tub.
    4. Two months from being orginally found this is gone through again - Socks, pants, old t shirts are dumped in the bin. Towels are washed and place in the cupboard for use by those that forgot to bring one
    5. Designer T shirts and clothing not related to 'sailing' are bagged up and taken to a Charity Shop' (This amounts to about 15 - 20 bags a year)
    6. Sailing kit - this goes through the system again as its recognised that Charity Shops do not appreciate its true vale. Some items are HSC marked and placed on the rack for hire. The rest is offered for sale to members.

Good Idea!

Happy to pass on a message from Tim Briggs
I made a set of magnetic course markers for race use at HSC - pictures attached. I'm happy to make them at cost plus a pound or two. There's a larger sticky magnet with all the markers on, and a smaller one where the ones required for the course are attached. First and second photos. Currently I haven't included S and L magnets, but I suppose I could if it were wanted. It's necessary to specify whether the magnets are required on an horizontal backing, as in the photos, or vertically, as they don't stick if rotated by 90 degrees. So far, we have not lost any in the occasional capsise.
Many thanks
Ask for email address from dutyman@hollowellsc.org.uk

Summer Sunday Series 2 June

Thurs races had 22 boats Sat 21 and Sunday's max was 25. This was all just 'normal' club racing. A video of Sundays race has been taken by Richard Sturt.

Personal Handicap List 2019

These handicaps apply to sailors. All sailors in GOLD Fleet will be handicapped with the PY of the boat they are sailing on the day of competition. All SILVER sailors will have 10% extra on their PY and all BRONZE fleet sailors will enjoy a 15% advantage. If your name is not on the list, and you plan to race this year, my apologies, just let me know (Mark Hope) and I will make amendments. All new members joining the club during the year will start off in Bronze fleet (Unless they are seasoned sailors) and then amended as necessary

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Assistant Instructors

It could be YOU! As you know we provide quality RYA approved dinghy training to Adults and Children. Although we rely on a small number of fully qualified Senior and Dinghy Instructors HSC could not function without a Team of Assistant Instructors (AI). Teaching others to sail is a very rewarding experience, and even helps you improve your own sailing. The AI qualification involves just 2 ½ days training, all at HSC and run internally, and free to members. At HSC we now run (simultaneously) two courses, one for Adults and one for the more experienced, and responsible Juniors, such as those who have gone through an external Squad. So if you would like to be more involved in promoting sailing and helping juniors or adults to sail then please put your name forward, and drop an email to Alison Linell. Courses will only run if there are enough attendees.

Hollowell On Holiday

Who has yet to erase the nightmare weather of last years sailing out of the Isle of Bute on the Clyde. It rained every day! Well not to be beaten we are arranging to go back again. WHY! The date is Sat 3rd Aug for one week. Find your own accomodation - find or bring your own boat and a certificate of insanity. Early days yet but speak to Stewart (dutyman) if you think you are mad enough!. 28 members of Hollowell were there last year, most didn't come back!