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We have an active FACEBOOK page running alongside our web site and use it for passing out urgent information. Within the web site the news is divided up into SOCIAL NEWS... SAILING NEWS.... APMYC (Model Yachters).


The Sailing Committee has decided the following fleets for all Personal Handicap events for 2019. These handicaps apply to sailors. All sailors in GOLD Fleet will be handicapped with the PY of the boat they are sailing on the day of competition. All SILVER sailors will have 10% extra on their PY and all BRONZE fleet sailors will enjoy a 15% advantage.

If your name is not on the list, and you plan to race this year, my apologies, just let me know (Mark Hope) and I will make amendments. All new members joining the club during the year will start off in Bronze fleet (Unless they are seasoned Sailors) and then amended as necessary. VIEW LIST HERE

Model Yachters Challenge

Skippers from across all the spectrum of members of Hollowell Sailing Club attended this event, for a days racing Dragon Flite (DF95) radio sailing yachts. The wind was light and unpredictably shifty leaving Race Officer Keith Bell with little option but to set a course to the predicted wind direction and pray. This largely worked with the course full of runny beats early on, and things settling down a little as we got further into the event.

The shoreline of abundant weed might have been an issue however the APMYC race team had set some buoys to mark its extent and this largely prevented the skippers from sailing into it’s unforgiving clutches.

Briefing done, four teams of three were quickly formed and the first round robin races was underway, the early races were about the skippers, almost all new to radio sailing, getting to grips with how to control the boats, simplified by instructions in the briefing which contained the handy hints, “you will have fun” and “only the sticks do anything”.

Mike Playle, honorary “Water Babe” for the day, looked like he was going to run away with the first race until a large clump of floating weed put pay to that, with Mary Mallard and Nikki Frost unable to support his valiant effort to recover the “Marz” team of Maher family members Lizzy, James and Finn (9) came through to win 10 to 11.

In the first series of Round Robin races three teams Water Babes, Marz and Look No Hands all took race wins off each other leaving them all equal on 2 points at lunch. Sadly despite the efforts of their youngest member, Ethan Maher (12) the optimistically named “The Tops” failed to score a point.

After lunch the wind had filled in a little, and with the skippers refreshed and ready to go the racing got a little more competitive, once again it was all very close with a number of races going down to the wire.

The result was still not decided with two races to go, when the “Look No Hands” team of Ivor McDonnell, Paul Mallard and Dave Hollyoak won a decisive race from the “Water Babes” to secure overall victory with 5 wins from 6 races, then in a turn up for the books, the last race of the day saw “The Tops” team of Keith Lancaster, Ethan Maher and “Grandad” Martin finally take their first victory.

Thanks must go to all the members of Abington Park MYC for loaning boats and their efforts in organising and supporting this event.


'Stan' is our new Committee Boat and you can read all about its workings HERE.


HSC - one of the top 15 clubs in the UK becomes a RYA Recognised Club...more


You can read the full document here..To summarise, if you see or are involved in an incident which might have caused injury or damage to property, you should record it on the relevant form which then should be placed in the log (kitchen shelves). This is to ensure that we continue to monitor and improve safety at the club. If you feel that the matter is urgent you can email the information to principal(AT)


There is a new Facebook group for Hollowell's duty- busting, hard-working, unsinkable, sailors - it is a private closed group for grumpies, grumbles, general chit-chat, gossip or starting rumours.

In order to join, log onto Facebook, search for Hollowell Members and click on Join Group. One of the admins will add you to the group.

Assistant Instructors – It could be YOU

As you know we provide quality RYA approved dinghy training to Adults and Children. Although we rely on a small number of fully qualified Senior and Dinghy Instructors HSC could not function without a Team of Assistant Instructors (AI). Teaching others to sail is a very rewarding experience, and even helps you improve your own sailing.

The AI qualification involves just 2 ½ days training, all at HSC and run internally, and free to members. At HSC we now run (simultaneously) two courses, one for Adults and one for the more experienced, and responsible Juniors, such as those who have gone through an external Squad. More details regarding eligibility and who is able to teach which aspects of the RYA syllabus can be found here.

The course will run in March 2019, with dates to be advised, and places will be limited. (To be clear for those of you of a certain young age the Course itself is next year).

Anyone wishing to do the 2019 Course should also pass a Sailing Pre-Assessment. In previous years people were a little rusty at the beginning of the year so the pre-Assessment for the 2019 AI course will take place in November

So if you would like to be more involved in promoting sailing and helping juniors or adults to sail then please put your name forward, and drop an email to Clive. The course will only run if there are enough attendees.

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