Members Information

2017 Sailing Programme Cover 2017 Sailing Programme & Diary
Advice to Duty Officers (apply to DutyMan) # How to update craft details on WebCollect
Hollowell Club Rules Members Handbook (no codes) 2017
About our new CRAFT STICKERS for 2017 Sailing Programme ONLY (in CSV spreadsheet format)
Expenses Form Committee Posts & Responsibilites 2017

Policy, Procedures and Risks

Biosecurity Policy Nov 15 Safeguarding & Child Protection Policy V 1.1
RYA/HSC Insurance Policy Membership Policy
HSC Major Incident Plan Ver 2 On The Water Safety Policy
Operating Manual Ver20 Training Development Plan
Social Risk Register Sailing Risk Register
Training Risk Register Membership Risk Register
HSC Canoeing Special Terms & Conditions NOT AVAILABLE Maintenance Risk Register

Application Forms (Courses and Membership)

Adult Dinghy Courses Youth Training
Powerboat/ Safety Courses Online BOOK A COURSE
APPLY for membership (online only) spare

Rigging Guides

Hartley 12/2 Bahia
Pico Tera
Laser Optimist
Topper Squads spare


Sailing Instructions 2017 Youth Squad book a boat online (Google Docs)
Hollowell 2017 Personal Handicap List RYA Protest Form
Racing Formats and Awards Powerboat Arrangements
Club Protest Arbitration Scheme NOR Laser Open 2017
Spare RYA PY List for 2017 (all boats)


Members -Posters for you to print and display perhaps at your workplace or school.

RYA/HSC Beginners Poster RYA/HSC Improvers Poster
RYA/HSC Advance Poster Tuesday Tasters Poster
Hollowell Publicity Leaflet Open Day Poster 2017
OnBoard Poster Spare6

Equipment Instructions

Eightdog Race Timer (not currently in use) Entel Radios
Garmin Xtrex Wind speed Instrument
Timer Instruction (current) spare

Guides & Advice

Cold Shock & Hypothermia A Guide to Racing at HSC
RYa Guide to Carrying Knives spare
Sailing with a helmet Coaching from a Powerboat

Committee Minutes & Reports 2017

Committee 2017 Minutes Other Docs Other Docs
General 9th Nov 2016 minutes    
General 7th Feb Minutes    
Social 16th Feb Minutes    
Sailing 21st Feb Minutes    
AGM 5th March Minutes    
General 7th March Minutes    
Training 23rd March Minutes Development Plan 2017  
Membership 28th March Minutes    
Sailing 24th May Minutes    
Maintenance 7th June Minutes    
General 21st June Minutes    
Sailing 5th Sept Minutes    
Maintenance 12th Sept      
Training 3rd Oct Minutes    
Sailing 31st Oct Minutes    
General 14th Nov Minutes    

Committee Minutes & Reports 2016

Committee 2016 Minutes Other Docs Other Docs
Sailing 18th May 2016 minutes  
Sailing 23 Feb minutes
Sailing 6 Sept minutes    
Maintenance 13 Sept minutes    
Social 18 Feb minutes    
General 29 June minutes    
General 10 March minutes    
Sailing 1 Nov 2016 Minutes    
Membership 22nd Sept 2016 Minutes