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Weather Review for 2017


The Highest Maximum: 31.9C on 19/06/17 at 16:55 The Lowest Maximum: -0.5C on 26/01/17 at 10:30 The Highest Minimum: 18.2C on 18/06/17 at 05:19 The Lowest Minimum: -4.8C on 11/12/17 at 06:40


Total: 567.2mm
Percentage of the Monthly Mean: 86.1%
Duration of Rainfall: 268.7hr
Highest 24 hour fall (0900 to 0900): 26mm on 24/09/17
Rain Days: 180
Wet Days: 153


Total Duration of Bright Sunshine: 1169.6hrs
Sunniest day: 16.3hrs on 18/06/17
No. of days without sunshine: 90


The Highest Average Wind Speed: 41.3mph on 25/08/17 at 09:45
Highest Maximum Gust: 57.9mph on 23/02/17 at 14:47
Bearing of Maximum Gust: 282
No. of gusts of 50mph or more: 1
The Average Daily Wind Speed: 5.6mph


N 22
NE 22
E 12
SE 20
S 93
SW 55
W 71
NW 70
Calm 0


Thunder: 6
Snow or snow & rain: 12
Snow lying: 10
Fog: 16
Air Frost: 29
Duration of Air Frost: 158.3hrs
Ground Frost: 47
Gales: 1

Weather Stats for Hollowell

These statistics come from a superbly informative website based at Pitsford Hall School. If you are interested in weather stats this is the site to support. Northants Weather
Information: Pitsford Latitude N 52° 18' 09" Longitude W 00° 53' 28" Elevation 127 m
Hollowell: Latitude N 52° 34' 54" Longitude W 00° 99' 24" Elevation 112 m
120 degrees East. Distance apart 8.34 Kms (5.18 mls)


Pitsford have recorded on average 1,392 hrs of bright sunshine during the year. This is typical for inland areas in lowland Britain. The south coast receives the highest amount owing to the absence of convective cloud and annual totals can exceed 1,750 hrs. Mountainous areas receive the least owing to shadowing and orographic cloud.
Maximum duration anywhere in England 383.9 hrs at Eastbourne in July 1911
Minimum duration anywhere in England 0.0 hrs at Westminster in December 1890
Maximum duration in Northampton (since 1963) 278 hrs in July 2006
Minimum duration in Northampton (since 1963) 17.4 hrs in December 1989
Maximum duration at Pitsford Hall (since 1998) 278 hrs in July 2006
Minimum duration at Pitsford Hall (since 1998) 18.5 hrs in December 1998


At Pitsford they record on average 659 mm of rain during the year. Northamptonshire is one of the driest parts of the UK with little relief to cause any orographic rain and being far from the coast and in a significant rain shadow produced by the uplands of Wales. Most of our rain falls during the summer by convection and in thunderstorms which occur on average 15 days each year.
Maximum in a day at Pitsford Hall (since 1998) 68.8 mm on 14th June 2007
Maximum annual total in Northampton (since 1880) 1149.4mm in 1919
Minimum annual total in Northampton (since 1880) 347.2mm in 1921
Maximum annual total at Pitsford Hall (since 1998) 784.1mm in 2007
Minimum annual total at Pitsford Hall (since 1998) 399.5mm in 2011


The mean average temperature recorded at Pitsford is 10.5C. This is at the higher end for England as a whole where mean temperatures range from 8.5C in upland areas to 11C in Cornwall. Northamptonshire held the UK's highest temperature record from 1911 to 1990. High temperatures are common in the summer as the county does not benefit from the cooling effect of the sea, although in winter nights can be cold with frequent air frosts again because of our distance from the sea and lower wind speeds. The mean maximum temperature for Pitsford ranges from 7.2C in January to 22.4C in July, whilst the mean minimum temperature ranges from 1.8C in January to 11.0C in July.
Highest recorded in Northampton (since 1880) 36.7C on 9th August 1911 (recorded at Raunds)
Highest recorded at Pitsford Hall (since 1998) 35.5C on 19th July 2006
Lowest recorded in Northampton (since 1880) -18.3C on 8 February 1895
Lowest recorded at Pitsford Hall (since 1998) -13.0C on 11 February 2012

Penquins visit us most years!


Wind speeds are low across the county in contrast to more exposed coastal locations and upland areas. Gales are rare as wind speeds are reduced by friction over land. The prevailing wind in Northamptonshire is from the SSW, although some of the highest gusts recorded at Pitsford are experienced when the wind is from the NE. This is due to the open prospect in this direction towards the Wash and North Sea.
Highest gust recorded anywhere in England 118 mph at Gwennan Head (Cornwall) on 15 December 1979
Highest gust recorded at Pitsford Hall (since 1998) 70 mph on 27 October 2002

Wind Direction (from 2000 -2010) % OF DAYS   % OF DAYS
N 5 NNE 5
NE 3 ENE 1
E 2 ESE 1
SE 1 SSE 2
S 10 SSW 22
SW 21 WSW 10
W 8 WNW 4
NW 2 NNW 3